We all have those ‘senior moments’ when we walk into a room and think ‘what on earth did I come in here for?’ For many of us, it is the sheer overload on our brains that causes this temporary memory loss; we are so preoccupied and consistently need to multi-task.

We often can’t help ourselves from worrying about any memory loss, however short-term it may be and when we do lose moments of concentration and experience forgetfulness, we feel concerned knowing that it can be a sign of aging or dementia. Realistically however, there can be a number of reasons as to why we might be suffering from forgetfulness. Stress can be a considerable factor in connection to memory loss as is experiencing relationship trauma, bereavement or depression and increased forgetfulness can even be due to the condition hypothyroidism.

Pregnant women are often more forgetful as are those who suffer with pre-menstrual syndrome. Sadly the menopause can also wreak havoc with the memory. Whilst this might sound like women have an increasingly difficult time when it comes to the memory game, it is worth realising that men suffer as well because those men who have low testosterone may experience difficulties remembering things in the short-term as do those patients who are treated with testosterone suppressed chemotherapy.

It is not all doom and gloom however as there are many natural treatments which can be used to aid a poor memory such as:

Gingko Biloba

Use Gingko Biloba to fight against memory loss
This is believed to help improve brain circulation and relax the walls of the blood vessels. Many people have great faith in its ability to fight against a reduction in memory.

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Zinc is believed to be useful for developing the memory

Zinc is believed to be useful for developing the memory, especially during times of development such as in adolescents.

Vitamins C & E

Vitamins C and E can protect the brain against free radicals

These can protect the brain against free radicals which may damage the brain cells.

Keep Your Brain Active

Keep your brain active it needs to be exercised regularly

Keep using your brain. Stimulate the brain cells with crossword puzzles for example. The brain needs to be exercised regularly.


enjoy a simple self healing meditation

Visualise yourself losing the stress in your life which should help ease any anxieties or tension and enjoy a simple self healing meditation.

Make Lists

Making a list of all the important tasks will help to keep your life organised

Making a list of all the important tasks will help to keep your life organized and minimise forgetful moments.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you have any ideas of your own that can help to improve your memory easily please share them with us and our readers in the comments below.

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