Are you noticing the benefits of meditation in your daily life?

Can you now recognize how you are feeling when you are caught up in a huge shopping or traffic queue? Do you accept that you cannot control the build up of traffic or the long shopping queues but you can now control how you react to them?

Or do you feel impatient? Is your mind busy thinking about how fast you need to get through so that you can get on with all the things you need to do? Are you subconsciously resisting the situation you are in?

you cannot control the build up of traffic

Learning to recognize when this happens is vital to your well-being because the alternative is inducing stress, releasing toxic chemicals into your body and depleting your energy levels.

If you are in a big shopping queue and begin to feel agitated and impatient, you actually have the opportunity to witness how you subconsciously react to and resist situations you have no control over.

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So how do you recognize when you are subconsciously resisting a situation?

Resistance is always accompanied with a sensation, a tenseness or feeling within the body | Project MeditationResistance is always accompanied with a sensation, a tenseness or feeling within the body. The solution to resisting is to simply accept and unemotionally observe the sensation with unattached curiosity and indifference.

When you consciously and calmly observe anything that does not serve you well it will simply fritter away.

As you let go of suppressed and negative emotions you’ll discover your inner peace and joy and share it with others.

With regular meditation you will realize very quickly that you can be in the middle of chaotic situations, noticing the unnecessary agitation of others, yet staying completely calm yourself.

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Project Meditation

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