Did you know that when you are calm and relaxed, you produce slower frequencies of brainwaves and within specific brain wave frequencies the brain releases great quantities of healing hormones, including human growth hormone (HGH) which increases longevity?

Did you also know that your state of consciousness and aspects of your health are directly related to the brainwave patterns you are producing?

stressful states because of fast paced living and modern technologyMany individuals are not aware that when they are in stressful states because of fast paced living and modern technology, their bodies are being flooded with poisons and toxins.

Here’s how you can combat these harmful states…

It’s a process of training the brain to produce desired brainwave patterns. This is accomplished through the natural phenomenon known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR) whereby, the brain adjusts its brainwaves to synchronize with the chosen frequency.

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Brainwave States And Meditation

You may have seen claims that specific frequencies are a panacea for specific problems. There are lists of such frequencies on the Internet and almost without exception these are bogus claims. For example, there is not an exact frequency that will cure a toothache.

There is however, one specific frequency, known as the Schumann frequency, which is vital for human health.

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The Schumann frequency has a substantial amount of research to suggest it is special to not just our bodies and brains but to all life on Earth. It is something like an electronic atmosphere that everything on Earth was born into and has evolved to (on a micro level, at least) exist within. A good analogy would be gravity. We take it for granted and up until a few hundred years ago we had almost no concept that gravity even existed. Things fall down. That’s just the way the universe works. That’s what we could see, that was our common experience, and that was the end of the story.

Then Sir Isaac Newton stepped up and said…Sir Isaac Newton

There is more to this story. Things don’t just fall because they fall. Things fall for a reason, and that reason is called gravity

Even with his research and the later research of Einstein and others it never occurred to anyone gravity might have any important role to play in our terrestrial existence aside from the obvious fact that it made things fall.

shooting men into orbit around the Earth and we discoveredAnd then we started shooting men into orbit around the Earth and we discovered that when they returned from this environment largely devoid of gravity, their bodies were changed, and not for the better. Their muscles had somewhat atrophied. They had lost strength and calcium in their bones. Their cardiovascular systems were weakened. The longer men remained in an environment without gravity the more pronounced were the degenerative effects.

Humans it seems, either evolved or were designed to live and thrive in the presence of gravity. When gravity is removed the body begins to degenerate and, ultimately, will fail entirely. This degeneration can be slowed or perhaps even halted if proper activities are performed and a replacement environment is provided, such as one in which centrifugal force is substituted in place of gravity to put stress on our bodies.

So it is with the Schumann frequency. There are many reports about the Schumann Resonance from serious researchers at major universities and organizations. Some of these have been published in peer reviewed journals like the European Geosciences Union Journal of Geophysics.

The 7.83Hz frequency appears to be the master frequency and the one to which our bodies are attuned and which they require to remain healthy. To read more please click the following link…

Schumann Resonance – The Health Benefits

So while the idea that certain entrainment frequencies carry specific benefits to specific problems is almost entirely a marketing myth, in the case of Schumann it would seem to be based in solid evidence. This is one of those rare instances where I believe a frequency might convey benefits just by exposing yourself to it, regardless of what activities you might be engaged in. And perhaps the exposure is even more effective if you consciously seek to harmonize yourself with this frequency through some kind of activity such as meditation or relaxation, though this is a little speculative.

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Project Meditation

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