How did you start your day today?

Did you wake up with a cloud hanging over your head that you can’t seem to shake away?

You try everything to distract yourself, and for split second moments you do achieve the numbness you so desperately desire, BUT as soon as you stop the activity which creates the short lived numbing, the grey cloud returns with a vengeance.

It’s a never ending circle of sadness.

I’ve felt this way many times over too BUT I realized after a while that what I feed my mind effects my life.

If I feed it bad news, if I encourage bad self talk, if I engage in unhealthy conversations my outlook is hindered, I feel bad, my outlook on life is gloomy and I truly feel sick to death with life!

When feeling like this even though I wanted to give up I knew deep down that there had to be another way.

This is when I was reminded that we are blessed with so much: legs to walk on the soft sand, eyes to see the beauty of brand new life, ears to hear the birds sing as dawn breaks, hands to help our loved ones.

We are rich beyond our wildest dreams, for if we were asked to put a price tag on our sight, our legs, our family, boy would it be mighty!

Life is tough and life is testing but with a few simple tools life can be everything you dreamed of and more.

I want to share this short but powerful clip with you. It’s all about you moving forward with a simple yet POWERFUL tool that will start your day off magnificently (plus Tony shares with us the two emotions that mess us up the most)…

Prime your life for 10 minutes every morning and test how it transforms your day! And remember if you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life as Tony said 😉

Begin Your Day By Priming Your Life

With the help of LifeFlow Audio Technology

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I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below about how this simple little exercise transformed your day.

The next time you’re feeling tested, down or just a little sad take strength from this powerful quote…

“Whatever you suffer remember someday you will comfort someone else with the strength you have found” –  Katie Piper

I hope this morning ritual helps you greatly, and if it does please pay it forward and pass it on to your friends and family who may just need a little help.

Have a wonderful week!


And as I once heard… “
never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never GIVE UP!” – Winston Churchill’s advice to a young group of graduates.


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