I recently came across an old amazing story about patience and perseverance that really is a must-share!

Chinese Bamboo Tree

A farmer planted some Chinese bamboo seeds. For one whole year, he watered them and fertilized them.

Nothing happened.

The farmer’s wife said, “Why don’t you plant something else and stop wasting your time with this nonsense?”

The farmer just smiled at her and said, “Just wait.”

The next year, the farmer faithfully watered and fertilized the seeds.

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Nothing happened.

His wife became very exasperated with him and insisted he plant onions or some crop that would bring them some quick cash.

The farmer just smiled and said, “Just wait.”

The third year came and went with the farmer patiently watering and fertilizing the bamboo seeds. By this time, his wife was quite upset and in her frustration, went and planted her own garden.

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The fourth year came and went. By this time, the wife thought her husband was completely crazy. After all, HER garden had earned them a meager living!

patiently watered and fertilized | Project Meditation

The fifth year came. Still, the farmer steadfastly refused to plant anything else. He patiently watered and fertilized his bamboo seeds.

Suddenly, during the fifth year, the bamboo sprouted. The Chinese bamboo tree seed lies dormant for five years before sprouting.

It grew ninety feet in just six weeks, and quickly overtook the whole garden!

The farmer harvested the bamboo and made a huge profit.

It can be very discouraging when it appears we’re doing everything right and nothing is happening. But if you keep on going, things WILL happen and you’ll start seeing the rewards of your efforts.

If you want great results 5 years from now, plant those seeds now. Water them with positive thoughts and fertilize them with loving feelings.

Every day, and I do mean every day, think about what you want your life to look like in 5 years. Even if you can’t quite fill in the details yet, if you just spend 5 or 10 minutes daydreaming about your life, your mind will create a mental image that becomes richer and more detailed every time. This will bring some incredible solutions to your awareness and if you act on that information, you’ll make great progress.

Even if it seems like progress is nonexistent, keep going. Keep your mind’s eye focused on the goal. Patience and persistence will yield great rewards!

And when it comes to the changes within you that come from meditation… there’s a lot going on under the surface that you may not be aware of at all, and you may be tempted to think that meditation is not working. It is! The seed has to be ready to sprout, and the timing cannot be rushed. When meditation has done its work by nurturing you, then your own amazing potential will sprout!

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