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Transcendental Meditation®

You can now learn for FREE what celebrities and professionals are paying thousands of dollars to learn.

Here is what Rev. Dion Ward said about this simple yet very effective meditation course:

"I was extremely pleased with the Meditation Course. I discussed some of the course with a friend of mine who was aghast! He had paid thousands of dollars to learn what I had learned for free."

Did you know that people who meditate daily are much happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t? “You can experience and enjoy the happy and stress -free life you have always dreamed of.”

Compare Transcendental Meditation® and Discover Meditation® below:

Transcendental Meditation®
Discover Meditation®
Mantra Mantra chosen for you. List of mantra’s to choose from.
Cost of full series approx: $2500 FREE
Recommended Time
To meditate
20 minutes twice a day 20 minutes twice a day
Satisfaction guarantee Non Refundable


Religion based Hindu



Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of Americans - many of whom don't even own crystals - practice it every day.
Why? Because meditation works…

Time Magazine

Time Magazine


Read what some celebrities and professionals have to say about meditation:-

“Meditation is such a more substantial reality than what we normally take to be reality.”
Richard Gere

“A man of meditation is happy, not for an hour or a day, but quite round the circle of all his years.” ~ Isaac Taylor

Goldie Hawn, who says she has been practicing for 31 years ... meditates twice a day for at least 30 minutes. "How do you learn to witness your destructive emotions?" she asks. "You can only do this by being able to sit quietly and quiet your mind."

More recent devotees are decisively non-crystal. Eileen Harrington, who runs the hard-boiled consumer-fraud group of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, invited a meditation speaker to give a presentation after 9/11. Roughly half her staff is still at it.

Bill Ford, the head of Ford Motors,- meditates, as does a former chief of England's top-secret MI5.

Hillary Clinton has talked about meditating, and the Gores are converts. "We both believe in regular prayer, and we often pray together. But meditation as distinguished from prayer - I highly recommend it," says the man who nearly became our President. Gore's TM mantra is not, as rumoured, Florida.
Time Magazine, By Joel Stein, Aug. 4, 2003

“By quieting the mind, which then quiets the body, and the less turbulent the body is, the more the self-repair healing mechanisms get amplified. In fact, scientists have shown that the better your DNA, your genetic machinery is at healing itself, the longer you live. That's how meditation lowers biological age.” Deepak Chopra

Discover Meditation

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