Grounding Meditation

Grounding meditation techniques are often the foundation for many other, more complex relaxation methods, but used on their own, grounding meditation techniques can be a great tool for everyday life.  Do you ever have those days where no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to focus on the task at hand? You try eating something extra or maybe even having a coffee, but you still feel scattered and unsettled. This is when you could use a good grounding meditation. If you are in preparation for a meeting, training, giving instruction to a group or work in education, grounding meditation can help you relax and focus before hand.

It is gradually becoming more common for large companies to teach their staff grounding meditation techniques. Of course, they refer to it as relaxation, but the foundation and thought processes involved are one and the same. An example is when an employee giving instruction wants staff to take time for contemplation and reflection but notices the group is unsettled. They will see this as an opportunity to teach grounding meditation instead.  The result is a group of quiet employees, open to learning new things and able to take time for deliberation without being distracted.

A good grounding meditation should leave you feeling focused, refreshed and strong in your physical body. You should feel alert and confident, not relaxed and dreamy like other techniques.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of meditation should be able to write their own grounding version. The basis should involve using your imagination to become aware of every part of your body and where it meets the ground. You can begin by visualizing a gold and silver cord rising up out of your solar plexus through the roof, then the sky, the clouds and past the sun.  It keeps going higher, past the stars and planets until you see a mass of white light way up ahead. It is so huge you can not see a beginning or an end. The cord is drawn to the light like a magnet, and it takes root there. 

Travel back down the cord with your imagination, and when you return to your place on the floor, imagine the same gold and silver rope-like cord extending now towards the floor. It travels through the earth, and you follow it with your mind, imagining all the different mineral layers that make the globe.  The cord comes to the center, where a big fiery ball is burning. It is the color of lava, but looks like light.  The cord goes to the light where it branches out into roots that grab on to the ball. You instantly feel a grounded heaviness enter your relaxed state.  Now travel back up to your body and take time to observe your breathing.

This is a good time in your guided meditation to introduce some relevant and positive affirmations to help with your current challenges.  This could be something like “The thought and consideration I have put into my work will be obvious from my presentation”, or “When training others I use creative techniques to provide a solid basis and foundation for their education, and deliver basic knowledge in new ways that are easily remembered”. When you are ready, imagine the earth rising to meet your feet.  You have runners on with spikes that dig in as you walk.  Take a minute to go back and forth, feeling the shoes dig into the fresh dirt and hearing the sound as they do. 

You can use your normal routine for coming out of the grounding meditation, slowly regaining movement and opening your eyes. You will feel connected to the earth, confident and calm, and also like you have had a nice little refresher nap.You can memorize your own grounding meditation, read it onto a tape or have someone else read it to you, either way you will be using your imagination to turn your situation around.

By Victoria Stansfield