Full Moon Meditation

Meditation is practiced by people of different cultures, faiths and beliefs. There are many types of meditation, all of which help to transform and empower your life, even if you only practice it for as littler as 5 minutes a day. One such type of meditation is full moon meditation. The healing powers of meditation are legendary and the benefits of full moon meditation are no exception.

Full moon meditation is a type that takes you on a journey into a different reality away from all your daily troubles and worries. Full moon meditation takes you to a whole new spiritual level and lets your subconscious float in the world of your own imagination. It makes you a much calmer person and completely cools down the mind and lets it relax in the world of your own imagination. Full moon meditation should be practiced under the guidance of an experienced guru to gain an exact understanding of it. Here is a brief insight into how to practice full moon meditation:

Full moon meditation requires using your imagination to set your soul free… Try to picture the following in your head:

Imagine you are lying on your back, peacefully floating in a beautiful pool of water. There is an ancient forest all around you and directly above your head is mother moon lighting the night sky with her soft luminescent light. The water protects and supports you completely and is at the right temperature for you to feel comfortable. You are staring at the moon, you bathe in her soft light and let it calm and relax your senses. She almost seems to be calling out to you, beckoning you, drawing you up to her.  You like her calling you out to her and suddenly you realize you are no longer floating in water and you’ve begun moving up gently, wafting upwards…You feel liberated, you can do anything, go anywhere. Gently, you try a somersault and it works! Don’t hold back now. Take out some time to play with your new skill. Fly off to where you want to go or simply twist and turn as you wish.

When you are done, thank mother moon for giving you your newfound skill and tell her that you wish to be taken back to earth. Steadily you move back down until you discover yourself standing on solid ground. Now, slowly return to the room you are in…

In order to make use of full moon meditation, you may read it and use your imagination to follow it. Full moon meditation requires you to commit it to memory and follow the journey in you mind.

There is a plethora of books, internet sites and meditation groups that provide guided full moon meditation lessons. After practicing full moon meditation for a while, you may even feel drawn to come up with your own versions of it.

By Uma Johnson

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