Christian Meditation

The word meditation appears in the bible twenty times, and more Christians are realizing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits to practicing it. When you spend time in deliberation and contemplation of God’s words, you are doing one type of Christian meditation. The bible also talks about the alternate kind of meditation where you clear your mind and don’t focus on any one thought at all. Both are relaxing, enlightening and give you the feeling of being closer to God.

When taking into consideration a new passage you are reading or learning from the bible, it can take time and thought before the meaning is revealed to you. By taking a passage and doing a Christian meditation on it, you can further your understanding, commit it more easily to memory and plant it deep in your subconscious mind so it becomes part of who you are every day. In a state of rumination, you are more open to learning and inspiration, and many believe more open to God and angels, as well.  Whatever your beliefs, using Christian meditation techniques is an effective way to learn and understand the word of God.

The bible talks about a point “where peace passes all understanding”. This is believed by many religions to relate to the moment in Christian meditation where nothing matters accept for you and your love and connection with God. People have been known to spend hours blissfully laying completely still, feeling full of gratitude and overflowing with love for their Lord. Some reportedly see colors and light, and breathing is slowed to almost nothing.  In this state, the body is physically at its healing peak, able to freely flourish every cell with fresh blood, oxygen and energy.  Emotionally, mentally and spiritually it is an experience beyond peace that no word can describe.

On reflection and contemplation about Christian meditation practices, I was driven to find out what words were used to describe the same feeling in other parts of the world.  Dharmic religions often describe such deep, blissful rumination with the word “Namaste” which has one beautiful meaning that truly moved me:

Namaste:          “I honor in you that place of truth, of love and of peace, because if you are in that place in you, and I am in me, then we are one”

With much thought and deliberation it could be seen that this is describing that point where peace passes all understanding. That time in Christian meditation where nothing matters but your honor and love for God, and some reportedly feel God all around them.  Is it possible when practicing your Christian meditation, clearing your mind of all thoughts and worries, you enter into a state of pure truth, love and peace, and as a result become one with God?  What a beautiful, divine thought, and either way, it says in the bible to “meditate on his word day and night”(Psalm 1:2), so you should give it a try.

Aside from the obvious health benefits to practicing daily relaxation techniques, Christian meditation will help you learn, understand and commit the Bible to memory. All Christians know how useful it can be in times of trouble to have scripture to draw on and help you through, and with Christian meditation you will be memorizing passages and receiving revelations regularly. You will feel spiritually charged and revitalized, and many believers say, much closer to God’s glory than at any other time.

By Jack McCoy

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