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Meditation Timer / Timers

A meditation timer can be a great asset especially when you begin to practice meditation. If you are new to meditation you may wonder what is special about a meditation timer.

Some people are concerned that they will loose track of time and a meditation timer will be a great benefit as it will allow them to relax more and not hold that concern in their mind. A meditation timer will also not allow you to over meditate because you can release tension too fast for you to cope with comfortably causing you to feel overwhelmed.

A good meditation timer should be very quiet because when you achieve a state of deep relaxation any noise is amplified greatly and can be very unsettling for you. Be sure to choose the correct one as there are many meditation timers.

There are a variety of meditation timers available from pyramid shapes to Buddha clocks which also make lovely ornaments. Some timers beep, some gong and some have a tinkling bell sound.

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We have incorporated five, ten and twenty minute meditation sessions ending with a tinkling bell timer and followed by some wonderful relaxing music and complimentary exercises, at the end of our free meditation course. If you want to take advantage of this please click here to download.

By Uma Johnson

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