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Meditation Robes

Meditation Robes are not essential if you are practicing meditation but it is necessary to wear comfortable clothing during meditation.

However some people like to wear meditation robes as they add to the experience for them, and some people simply love the styles of the robes and the fact that the materials are 100% natural. If you attend a retreat or a local class you may choose to wear a meditation robe.

The hooded meditation robe is one of the most popular items of meditation clothing. Designed with ample width and length, the cloak provides maximum coverage in many meditation postures. The hood offers the wearer a sacred private environment for reflection.

A zen robe is a traditional formal style meditation garment appropriate for use in a meditation hall by the lay practitioner. They are much more comfortable than wearing tight clothes or loose blankets that constantly have to be adjusted. You could also use your mediation robe to meditate out doors as it will provide you with adequate warmth and comfort. They are easily worn by just slipping on and off over your own clothes.

Meditation robes are very useful for those who meditate for a long period of time or enjoy going to meditation retreats. You will find that meditation robes come in various styles and colors for a unique look.

Purchase Meditation Robes

When you wear your robe over time your mind and body will associate the act of putting on your robe with a state of calmness. As a result you will notice anytime you wear the robe your body will immediately start to relax ready for the up and coming meditation session.

Traditionally monks and Tibetan yogis used to wear robes for meditation which is where they came from and were made out of animal skin for warmth. Although they are no longer made out of animal skin the modern robes provide the same purpose.

Many people who meditate enjoy the benefits of their meditation robe and they make an enormous difference to their experience.

By Claire Faregreen

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