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Meditation Pyramids

It is said that meditation pyramids help to allow the person meditating to focus more clearly on their meditation. It is thought that meditation pyramids help to more clearly put some contemplation into the meditation session, allowing for a higher state of being. Open-framed meditation pyramids are said to produce a certain type of energy that is conducive to the meditative state of mind. It helps the brain reach another level of consciousness and awareness.

The purpose of pyramids as related to meditation is not always understood. Pyramids have always had some scientific basis on everyday life. That is part of the reason that the ancient Egyptians constructed them in the first place. If you are interested in meditation, you may wish to check out the different effects and theories on pyramid meditation and the energies that are said to come from the pyramids.
You can make your own meditation pyramid and enjoy it indoors or in the garden. You can also buy meditation pyramids in kit form.

Many people have open-framed pyramids for there pets and testimonials from a number of sources, express that pets of all kinds thrive under, or within open-frame pyramids.

Purchase Meditation Robes

Meditation is the practice of sincere contemplation and rumination of oneself and one’s life experiences. It creates a higher, more acute sense of awareness and knowledge about one’s self. Although it is a practice that has been done by people of Buddhist backgrounds, meditation is not a practice that is solely restricted to those of that persuasion. People of all sectarian backgrounds use meditation and meditation pyramids are a popular meditation prop that people use. If a meditation pyramid enables you to enjoy inner peace and bliss then it is truly a very wise investment

Who knows whether or not it is the subconscious knowledge of the presence of the meditation pyramids or the actual energy that is emitted from the pyramids? Some giant pyramids are built just for meditation purposes, and they are the size of a large building. If you have seen any of these large pyramids, you probably have not given much contemplation to what they are used for, although they look like giant, pyramid-shaped office buildings. Pune, India is the home of one of the largest meditation pyramids in the world. It was recently opened in 2002, and is 9 stories high. It actually serves as a building and can hold thousands of people. It was actually designed by a renowned meditation specialist and teacher named Osho.

By Hilary Reese

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