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Meditation Gifts

There is an abundance of meditation gifts available to suit every budget. People who practice meditation will always appreciate a meditation gift and they will be thrilled that someone has taken the time to choose a well thought gift for them. Listed below are a variety of ideas.

Incense sticks and candles are inexpensive meditation gifts, yet they enhance the atmosphere for contemplation and reflection.

If you want to help developing countries when purchasing meditation gifts there are lovely Fair Trade gift baskets, meditation bells and singing bowls.

A hooded cloak will make a fabulous meditation gift. Designed with ample width and length, the cloak provides maximum coverage in many meditation postures. The hood offers the wearer a sacred private environment for reflection. Jubons, Kimonos, Hakamas, obi belts and shawls also make beautiful clothing meditation gifts. Special stands to display and hang robes, kimonos and obis also make lovely gifts.

Purchase Meditation Gifts

There are many types of meditation seats such as benches, cushions small or medium chairs or even inflatable chairs all designed to enhance the practice of meditation. Many meditation chairs are made of excellent quality products and are beautiful, ornamental pieces of furniture that anyone would be proud to have in their are portable meditation chairs which can fit into a bag for traveling around with you, samurai chairs, dhyana chairs and tantra chairs. It has been said many times that the tantra chair in particular is amazing and an exquisite piece of furniture.

A meditation pyramid would make an amazing gift. It is said that meditation pyramids help to allow the person meditating to focus more clearly on their meditation. It is thought that meditation pyramids help to more clearly put some contemplation into the meditation session, allowing for a higher state of being. Open-framed meditation pyramids are said to produce a certain type of energy that is conducive to the meditative state of mind. It helps the brain reach another level of consciousness and awareness.

Other popular meditation gifts include meditation jewelry, quartz crystals and gemstones.

By Simon Hughes

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