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Meditation Cushions

Good meditation cushions are essential to sitting properly during meditation and you will find a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Meditation cushions are stuffed and filled with various materials.

Some Meditation cushions and companion Zabuton mats are hand crafted from high quality, 100% cotton twill which is soft and pleasant to the touch. Meditation cushions which are fully stuffed with buckwheat hulls provide excellent support and should last for years. Buckwheat hulls are a natural material.

Buckwheat hull is pliable and allows the meditation cushion to shape itself to your bottom, unlike kapok which is very hard and tends to cut off blood flow to your legs while sitting.

Buckwheat hulls do not compress with use. A buckwheat hull meditation cushion maintains its body friendly support. By contrast, kapok compresses with use, and needs to be vigorously fluffed after each use. Over a period of time the kapok cushion becomes flatter and flatter. Eventually, kapok looses its supportiveness.

Purchase Meditation Cushions

A zabuton is the perfect companion for your meditation cushion or bench. A Zabuton is placed under your meditation cushion or bench to provide a cushion for your knees and ankles.

Some bench cushions have velcro straps to secure the cushion to the bench. Also, these meditation cushions make excellent lumbar support pillows when sitting in uncomfortable chairs, including cars. Just position them at your lower back--they're just the correct size!

By Jack McCoy

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