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Meditation Clothing

Meditation clothing is not essential but it is necessary to wear comfortable clothing during meditation. You can simply remove shoes and loosen tight clothing for your comfort.
However some people like to wear meditation clothing as it adds to the experience for them and some people simply love the styles of the clothing and the fact that the materials are 100% natural. If you attend a retreat or a local class you may choose to wear some of the following types of meditation clothing. Your clothing should breathe and allow air to get to your skin. It should be made of natural fibers (like cotton or silk) and feel good on your skin.

One of the most popular items of meditation clothing is the hooded meditation cloak. Designed with ample width and length, the cloak provides maximum coverage in many meditation postures. The hood offers the wearer a sacred private environment for reflection.

A zen robe is a traditional formal style meditation garment appropriate for use in a meditation hall by the lay practitioner.
Often, you wear the robe over a jubon which is a Japanese undergarment. The Jubon is especially beneficial in cold weather. Sometimes the Jubon can be worn under a Kimono to provide an additional layer.

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The Kimono is a more formal meditation garment than the Lay Robe. The bodice is actually more similar to the Jubon. The skirt portion has more pleats and they overlap. And, there is an "arm pit ventilation" feature. The sleeves of the Kimono can be often extra long, extending far beyond the finger tips. The Kimono does not have a belt or tie, and is thus held closed by a belt called an Obi Belt.

The Hakama meditation garment is a full-length Japanese Zen sitting skirt worn by men or women. The skirt may be double pleated in the front and the rear allowing ample room for cross-legged sitting or kneeling. The Hakama can be worn with a white blouse or shirt, and/or with a sitting jacket.

Meditation Shawls are popular and worn by monks, nuns, and lay practitioners around the world.
Zen Tunic and Pants are comfortable enough to wear everyday yet elegant enough for an evening out.
Kimono stands are the most authentic way to display your precious kimono.

By Amy Barnfeld

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