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Meditation Bench

A meditation bench will save your back. A comfortable meditation bench will create the correct posture and can make a massive difference to the success and enjoyment of your meditation sitting. A meditation bench, by achieving the correct posture will create better breathing patterns for you. Your meditation bench will prevent discomfort enabling you to experience a deeper more relaxed meditation session. The basic and simple meditation bench will be much more comfortable than your ordinary chair or the floor.

A meditation bench adds a kneeling variation to sitting, but can be hard and uncomfortable on your knees. Bench Cushions provide extra padding which some people prefer. You can choose from buckwheat hulls or kapok fillings to name just a couple. Some cushions have velcro straps to secure the cushion to the bench which keep it tightly in place. Also, these cushions make excellent lumbar support pillows when sitting in uncomfortable chairs, including cars. Just position them at your lower back.
Some meditation benches have a rounded bottom surface of the legs to allow the meditator to adjust spine and pelvis alignment by rocking forward or backward to achieve an ideal stress free position. Meditation Benches are particularly helpful as an alternative to cross-legged sitting when flexibility is limited. Many beginners or those unaccustomed to crossing their legs find the bench more comfortable.

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The more comfortable you are during meditation, will result in all your awareness and focus being about your meditation session which will result in you achieving a much deeper and more relaxed state.

By Joyce Bingham

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