At the start of this year, did you have the intention to make meditation a habit and priority?

If so, you may have seen the statistics that show only 8% of people actually achieve their new year resolutions.

It’s not that they don’t try, it’s that they go about it in a way that makes it hard to do the one thing that virtually guarantees success: creating the habit.

It’s no different with meditation.

If meditation is your chosen vehicle to discovering the real you in order to experience the many wonderful and self-fulfilling benefits, you must be consistent about it long enough for the habit to stick. It’s that simple it’s said to take approximately 20-30 days.

But what is the real reason you’ve been procrastinating and not committing to daily actions? Actions that you know will offer you the results you’re looking for?

According to motivational speaker, writer and consultant, Denis Waitley, the reason is ‘fear‘.

This 3 minute powerful video shows us why fear is driving our lack of results – and how to kick that fear into oblivion.

Denis suggests enlisting the help of an accountability buddy who can help you keep on track and talk you out of procrastination, avoidance and other self-defeating tendencies.

If you want real results forming your new meditation habit, why not find yourself an accountability/meditation buddy?

It’s one of the easiest ways to achieve any goal because nobody wants to disappoint their buddy. It’s also far easier to face challenges as a team than alone.

Meditation can also be extremely powerful when practiced with multiple meditation buddy’s ie in a group.

Why? Well it’s the perfect way to connect with others through a shared experience and collective energy. Even though meditation is about self-exploration and going within, numerous studies have shown that people have tended to get into even deeper meditation when in a group than when alone. This doesn’t mean to say you can’t experience this alone. It’s really all down to your own commitment and reasons for meditating.

Just imagine having a meditation date with a friend, as a way to help you both keep on track of one of the most profound life changing goals of your life. One that will drastically promote the deepest feelings of peace and love within yourself, benefiting all who know you.

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So how do you find a meditation buddy?

Well in all honesty, your meditation buddy could be your spouse or closest confidante. They may be a family member, friend or even acquaintance. One with whom you believe might be interested in collaborating with you as a great source of support.

You might find your perfect meditation buddy at an actual meditation class, in which case, venture out and have a look in your local area to find out where and when meditation or yoga classes are held. The internet has also made reaching out to other like minded meditators so much easier thanks to social media meetup and support groups.

Here are some key points for you and your meditation buddy to consider, ensuring total success for you both:

  • Be clear of your individual and collective purpose. You’ll find it helps greatly with communication if your goals align.
  • When planning your meets ups together, first decide on the time commitment you are both willing and able to meet. This will depend on whether your intentions are to sit and meditate together daily or whether you will practice alone and report to each other with your progress once, twice or more weekly.

the benefits of a meditation buddy

  • Be Mindful and thoughtful for the other when you do connect. Your buddy will need to be able to trust you and know you care. Commit to absolute honesty with each other. This will mean, when choosing your meditation buddy, each of you must be able to completely trust the other with very private, inner thoughts. Your meditation success will be immeasurably more rewarding and faster when you can both work through any obstacles that are holding you back from greater happiness.
  • Exchange feedback. Give praise generously when you feel impressed with your buddy’s own progress and also be prepared to positively and kindly challenge each other when extra focus might be required.

If You Make Meditation A Daily Habit, It Will Undoubtedly And Absolutely Change Your Life

If you go one step further and practice being mindful all day long, the world you once knew will become something incredibly different than anything you could ever imagine before.

“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.”  – Eckhart Tolle

Whether you do or do not choose a meditation buddy to help support you on your path to increased wisdom, peace and compassion, we wish you abundant inner peace and freedom to share with the world who you really are.

We’re more than happy to buddy with you as we have done for so many others.

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