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"It's beyond unique, like nothing else out there and will work for anyone."
Dr. John D. Stickle, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

"Outstanding - one of my favourite things to do during the day."
Dr Darag Rennie MBChB, Stanmore Bay, New Zealand

"The resulting restful sleep and relaxation remain unmatched to anything else that we've tried."
Jeffrey J. Elenewski, PhD, Clinical/Consulting Psychologist, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The Roller Coaster of Life

Bottom line is… life can feel like a roller coaster. It’s ups and downs can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Sometimes in life the unimaginable happens and we can be shocked or hurt by something or someone and it literally staggers us, throwing our lives into chaos.

Maybe you have suffered the loss of someone; or your job; perhaps someone has betrayed or hurt you deeply or you just feel overwhelmed with too much stress in your life.

Whatever your story is you are not alone and there is a solution I will reveal in a moment.

First, here are some undeniable facts you need to know that prove it’s not your fault...

Hundreds of scientific reports have proven that most of all sickness is related to stress.

Did you know that prolonged stress not only floods your body and brain with toxic chemicals and hormones that cause all kinds of sickness, disease and premature aging?

Stress also inhibits the production of natural healing hormones that calm your mind, boost your immune system and scavenge free radicals that cause cancer and other fatal diseases.

Anxiety is an epidemic in our society today and studies show that stress is the most silent and deadly killer of the 21st century.

It hurts just to read some statistics. More than sixty million prescriptions for “valium type” sedatives were dispensed in this country last year and three hundred thousand people attempt to end their life each year.


Because of their state of mind!

Your state of mind is determined by the brainwave frequencies you produce and your brainwave frequencies determine how you feel e.g. happy, sad, anxious, calm or focused etc.

It has been proven that you can control your brainwaves through meditation…

Did you know that people who meditate daily are much happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t?

HUNDREDS OF RESEARCH STUDIES PROVE meditative practices should be at the very heart of our healthcare system because it is revealing itself to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in natural healing and personal growth.

They have also proven that advanced meditators develop the ability to use their whole brain and to live in a more balanced state characterized by whole brain synchronization.

Here are two main effects of reorganization and increased synchrony in the brain.

One is an increase in various mental capabilities…

  • Greatly improved learning ability
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased intelligence, intuition and much more

The second is, each time the neural structure changes, positive changes in mental and emotional health take place. As new neural pathways are created, the brain adjusts to a higher level of functioning, a new and improved map of reality (the way in which you perceive the world to be) is created.

Dr. Elmer Green, prominent biofeedback pioneer states…

"With the creation of new neural pathways, more choices are available. Herein lies the theoretical explanation for the amazing personality changes researchers have reported in subjects using technology to change brainwave patterns."
Dr. Elmer Green, Ph.D.

Now you maybe thinking, “If you can activate the power of your natural healing force with meditation and enjoy a much happier life, why isn’t everyone meditating?

Here’s why…

Because traditional meditation can take years, even decades of practice and very few ever achieve the deepest brainwave states where most healing takes place.

The Key to Inner Peace and
True Happiness

How would you like to gain instant access to a golden key? One so special, it can ACCESS specific lower brainwave states where natural healing takes place and lasting inner peace is discovered.

This key will enable you to achieve the same brainwave states that yogi’s spend years trying to access and it’s as easy as a-b-c. Whether you’ve meditated for decades or you are brand new it will work for you and it will work every time.


Before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Michael Mackenzie,

You may think I've always been one of the world's top sources for helping people to find inner peace and happiness; handle the stresses of daily life, however that's hardly the case at all. And the truth may surprise you...

I remember when I first experienced my awakening as if it were yesterday. It was precisely 3.p.m. on Sunday October 9th, 1983.

The five years leading up to this moment had been extremely tough ones. My mother had passed away with a sudden heart attack and I desperately tried to help my father who had become dependant on alcohol. Three years later he also suffered a fatal heart attack. They were both in their 50’s and stress had taken it’s toll on both of them.

My sister Emily became gaunt looking and felt uncomfortable around almost everyone. It’s obvious to me now that I suppressed many feelings in order to stay strong for both of us.

I began to study so I could work in the field of psychotherapy and during this time, it became startlingly obvious that Emily was suffering from Anorexia. I read endless self help books and tried all kinds of relaxation and meditation techniques.

Some of these helped a little, still the results were nothing like what I had read about and hoped for. The fear of losing Emily was almost paralysing and the guilt from feeling angry with her for not eating felt crippling.

Finally, the last straw for me was that Sunday in October so long ago. I had just discovered my fiancée was cheating on me and I felt like I had hit rock bottom...

As I was crossing a bridge, heading for home I paused and gazed down at the raging river. I felt completely alone, miserable and as cold inside as the weather felt outside. Everything seemed so utterly pointless and I desperately wanted to let go of this burden of misery.

And then it happened…

An indescribable feeling of peace and quiet enveloped me. As though she was at my side, I heard my mother whisper the words from the little card she had given me not long before she passed away:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference"

As the church clock chimed 3 o’clock it felt like I was hearing the words I had read over and over again for the very first time...and finally understanding their true wisdom.

I decided at that very moment to make a change that would affect my life forever:

I made a vow to myself: I would never, EVER allow anything to cause me to feel this desperate again!

I swore I'd learn how to access this state of "peacefulness" where I'd just experienced a tsunami of relief...or die trying.

Mark my words—your setbacks will yield the secrets of your greatest breakthroughs! And the solution I so desperately needed was about to surface.

Thanks to that turning point, I uncovered THE secret blueprint and it's one that works for just about anyone... and works every time..

Now, I'm going to share it with you and save you the hassles and years of effort it took me to hone this program into perfection so LISTEN CAREFULLY...

The most important lesson I learned on that special day was that almost anything in life can be greatly improved with time and persistence. Almost always, there's no reason to remain hopeless.

The secret to enjoying “the roller coaster of life” is incorporated within…

A technique NOBODY teaches---

originated by me so only I know it.

I call it . . .

The Unique and Versatile LifeFlow® Audio Technology

"I have been using brainwave entrainment programs for years. Some of them have worked very well for me and some have been total duds. Michael has created a program that is by far the best I have ever used. I am now accomplishing much more in less time. The LifeFlow Series is a program I would recommend to anyone looking to create a better self."

Jason Fulgham - CA, USA

Can 8 Minutes Really Change Your Life?

Absolutely! You’re going to be amazed at how good you feel. LifeFlow® will startle you with its effectiveness and simplicity!

If you've got a few minutes a day, I guarantee a healthier, wealthier, happier you.

Wow, wow, wow!!! That's about all I can say. This is my second day using LifeFlow 10 and I have a hard time describing my experience. Yesterday, I used it for the first time and I thought maybe my experience was just my imagination. I couldn't wait to do it again. So, today's meditation was even better. It is having a profound effect on my mind and body. I am so happy that I decided to do Project Meditation. It is more than I had expected from any meditation session. Thank you so much Michael. You are helping people to change their lives. Wow! Again.”

LifeFlow® Community Member

You’ll love the way you feel when you press play, close your eyes, lay back and…

  • Turbo charge your meditation and experience all the benefits in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods
  • Relax and rejuvenate in precise proven brainwave states where highly beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters calm your nervous system, soothe your mind and boost your immune system
  • Experience inner peace and joy as built up
    stress melts away
  • Improve memory, attention and much more

PROOF, I Know You Need It, We All Do

Hundreds of scientific reports have proven… Brainwave training is one of the most powerful tools on Earth for improving the quality of your entire Life.

Here is a piece from a recent study that has been written up specifically so that non-specialists can comprehend it…

This study was carried out in May 2009 under the auspices of the Canadian Center of Science and Education and published in their journal.

It includes work by researchers from the School of Educational Technology, Shenyang Normal University, China, and from the Graduate School of Innovative Life Science and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Toyama, Japan:

Vol. 2, No. 2
May 2009

Computer and Information Science

A Study of Brainwave Entrainment
Based on EEG Brain Dynamics

The brain is constantly pulsing with electrical impulses. This electrical activity can be measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures the frequency of the electrical current. This frequency or speed of the brainwaves is measured in Hertz (Hz).

Now here is the really cool part - the predominant frequency that your brain is resonating with at any particular moment can be associated with your state of mind. This means that your state of mind, for example relaxed, frightened, or sleepy can be seen in your brainwave frequencies at that moment.

Brainwave Entrainment refers to the brain's electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound. When the brain is given a stimulus, through the ears or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response, called a Cortical Evoked Response.

Yogis spend years practicing meditation techniques to learn to induce deep states of meditation. The main techniques they have used to be able to achieve these deep states of mind is spending time in dedicated practice; hours of practice every day.

They work diligently quieting their mind and coaxing their brain into the different states. In today’s world few people can tell their wives and children that they are going to sit and meditate for three hours, so please be quiet.

We can all experience the amazing benefits of Brainwave Entrainment by listening to special brainwave music. The music will enable you to achieve these same states in just a few sessions.

These are a few of the benefits you can experience with Brainwave Entrainment.

a. Increase your focus and concentration.
b. Increased memory performance.
c. Increased creativity and problem solving ability.
d. Enhanced sleep and ease of getting to sleep
e. Enhanced health.
f. Access your intuition.
g. Relaxation and stress reduction.
h. Behavior modification (getting rid of your bad habits).

When your brain is brought into an alpha or delta state by Brainwave Entrainment, you will find that you have improved your learning abilities.

There are studies that say most of all sickness is strongly linked to stress. Stress causes chemical changes in the brain which in turn affect your health. By using Brainwave Entrainment to change the state that your brain is in, you can affect your health in a positive manner. Just by bringing your brain into an alpha state you will find that your stress melts away and your outlook on life brightens. I do want to mention that diet and exercise is also crucial to reducing stress and you will find that you can use Brainwave Entrainment to help program your mind to change your diet and get you to exercise. The benefits to be realized by controlling your brainwaves are wonderful. You may be thinking, Brainwave Entrainment is similar in the sense that you will find over time you will be able to handle stress and life’s issues more easily.

Here's how the brainwave frequencies you produce determine how you feel...

The electrical activity of the brain can be measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine. The frequency or speed of the brainwaves is measured in Hertz (Hz). The predominant frequency that your brain is resonating with at any particular moment can be associated with your state of mind.

Here's what happens within the body when you are in a higher beta brainwave state (39Hz – 20Hz)…

When you are in this state your blood flow is directed away from the brain and sent toward the periphery of the body, your bloodstream is flooded with sugar, your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, rapidly increases, enabling you to prepare to defend yourself by fighting or fleeing a dangerous situation.

In this state, learning ability, as well as other mental functions including problem solving and reasoning ability are inhibited. This response is incredible and can indeed be life-saving.

However many people experience this response on a regular basis through pressure at work, traffic jams, relationships and many more situations that are not life-threatening.

To be in this state and not have to fight or run for your life is extremely stressful.

Here’s what happens in the deeper brainwave states
and what they are helpful for…

Mid to Low Beta (20Hz – 12Hz)
Experience: Alertness, Focus, Concentration
Helpful For: ADD/ADHD, SAD, CFS
Neurotransmitters/Hormones: Dopamine

Alpha (12Hz – 8Hz)
Experience: Peaceful, Relaxed, Daydream
Helpful For: Relaxation, Meditation, Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Focus
Neurotransmitters/Hormones: Serotonin, Endorphins

Theta (7.9Hz – 4Hz/ 7.83Hz – Schumann Resonance)
Experience: Calm, Meditative, Physically Relaxed, Sleepy, Deeply Relaxed, Sleepy (REM stage sleep)
Helpful For: Deep Meditation, Insight, Creativity, Immune System, EMF resistance, Insomnia
Neurotransmitters/Hormones: GABA, Serotonin, Acetylcholine, Anti-Cortisol, Endorphins, Human Growth Hormone

Delta (3.9Hz - .5Hz)
Experience: Deep Rest/Sleep (dreamless), Deeply Meditative (w/greatly reduced thought)
Helpful For: Deepest Meditation, Sleep
Neurotransmitters/Hormones: Human Growth Hormone, Melatonin

Increased Relaxation

Dr. Margaret Patterson has shown that certain frequencies in the brain dramatically speed up production of a variety of neurotransmitters. A 10Hz (alpha) signal boosts the production and turnover rate of serotonin, a chemical messenger that increases relaxation and eases pain, and catecholamines, vital for memory and learning, respond at around 4Hz (theta).

Delayed and Reversed Aging Researcher Robert Cosgrove, Jr., Ph.D., M.D., a biomedical engineer, notes that technologies altering brainwave patterns have great potential for promoting optimal cerebral performance … (and) long-term use may delay aging and deterioration of the brain traditionally associated with aging.

NASA has been using EEG biofeedback for years to increase its pilots' ability to concentrate.

Researchers Drs E. Green and K.S. Ozawkie report that, "theta feedback can be used for becoming aware of subconscious and superconscious aspects of mind in the same way that vipassana, a form of Buddhist meditation, is used. Vipassana is a meditation method in which the 'witness', or 'observer' aspect of mind develops. When mindfulness is achieved, the 'I' of a person is capable of watching what is happening in body, emotions, and mind without reacting. Experimentally, theta feedback and vipassana lead to states of 'mindfulness' that are so much alike that theta training might, without exaggeration, be called 'instrumental vipassana’."

"There's a revolution going on. The present era in neuro-science is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease."
Dr. Candace Pert, Ph.D, Neuroscientist

Physical Vitality

Vincent Giampapa, M.D. of Longevity Institute International and vice president of the American Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, reveals that placing a listener in the alpha, theta, and delta brainwave patterns dramatically affect production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and physical well-being: Cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone within the brain. It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being. DHEA levels are a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. When DHEA levels are low, you're more susceptible to aging and disease; when they're high, the body is at its peak -- vibrant, healthy, and able to combat disease effectively.

Improved Mental Capability

A study by Dr Siegfried Othmer, international leader in the field of neurofeedback and brainwave training, led him to conclude that brainwave training has exceptional effects on intelligence. On average, individuals experienced a 23% increase in IQ. Individuals that began brainwave training with IQ levels that were less than 100 have been shown to enjoy IQ gains of 33 points on average, in addition to significant improvements in reading comprehension, memory related tasks and logic handling abilities. A year later, a follow up with those involved in the study found major improvements in self concept, creativity and concentration.

A study by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D found that college students who used brainwave training technology drastically out performed those that did not in both academic tasks and by GPA.

An M.D. associated with Dr. Siegfried Othmer used brainwave training to treat a boy with an IQ of 70 who was labelled as mildly retarded. A year later this boy was retested and the improvements were startling; he scored 60% higher with an IQ of 112. This specific case is consistent with a myriad of similar cases that have been documented with children with sub 90 IQ scores. Dr. Siegfried Othmer says that "brainwave training clearly facilitates the organization of mental functioning."

A 2003 study at Imperial College in London supports the notion that brainwave training improves cognition. Neuroscientists Tobias Egner and John H. Gruzelier recruited test subjects at the Royal College of Music, London's elite school for promising young musicians. Some of the subjects learned, via feedback on a computer screen, how to control the slow waves in the alpha and theta ranges. After neurofeedback, the musicians' abilities had grown enormously, according to expert evaluators.

Neuro-Science researchers express their excitement…

"The ability to entrain brainwave patterns opens up an exciting world of endless and incredible possibilities."

"I see life in a much better and beautiful way"

It has been 10 months so far since I started meditating for the first time and, since day one; I could feel only GOOD THINGS happening in my body, my mood and the way I see things around me and most important…. how I react to things.

I Must tell you (as a way to say thanks) …Lifeflow is a great product and it has become part of my daily routine….. I’m now using Lifleflow 2 and all levels have been great (gets better after each level by the way…)

I used to live really stressed and my behavior could change immediately if things did not go the way I expected so, I started looking for alternatives to calm myself and live happier so a friend of mine recommended me some videos of Deepack Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Both of them encourage you to MEDITATE as one of the most important ways to find the inner peace for a happier life… For this reason, I looked over the internet and found your page… EXCELLENT !!

I read what you offer… read what the people say in the community ….all of them were very positive about meditation and LIFEFLOW as the tool to learn and help you through entrainment waves to get to a deeper states of mind.

I ordered the program, followed the instructions and started meditating after a week. WOW!!!... excellent experience.

I totally recommend everyone Lifelflow… just give it a try, take it seriously and do it DAILY (even if it is only 5 or 10min..) and you would see results. I have learned that everyone has it’s own results and really important is to let it go and expect nothing.. just enjoy it…. And it does work!

Support and service from you is great and for this I have to thank you.

Michael, Thanks for helping me live a much happier life.

I have just started my own business. I now see and realize that I have a huge potential success in what I am doing and have time for my wife and daughter. I see life in a much better and beautiful way and yes.. it is a lot of good things inside each one of us (just we have to give time to ourselves).

Mr Miguel Hinojosa
Nuevo Leon, Mexico

"I day trade Forex for a living -- I don't lose money because I don't lose my mind"

I have been with Project Meditation from the beginning, about a year or so. When I first started I was looking for something that would help me to relax. What I found was much more satisfying. I don't get the aggressive mood swings or deep depressions anymore. I even fixed my neck spasms just like that.

I use LIFEFLOW every morning to start my day. It helps me relax when I have to read all my mail and study the world markets. I tend to take in more detail and analyze data more critical and not so personal. I can now concentrate for hours where before I could only read two or three e-mails before I had to do something else.

I day trade Forex for a living and it can be a VERY stressful job at times, especially when things go wrong, that is when I need to stay calm and make logical decisions and keep emotion out of it.

I have found that if it all becomes too much, I just meditate for 5 - 10 minutes and I'm a new person. I don't lose money because I don't lose my mind!

Thanks to Michael and LIFEFLOW.

Mr Arnoux Lombard
Johannesburg, South Africa

"There are special things about this program that place it in a category all of its own"

"I'm 64 years old and have been a meditator for many years. Like so many people my age, I was drawn to meditation during the 60s and explored many options from the mantras associated with Eastern religions to the fascinating audio meditations found in the Brainwave programs, the Monroe Institute, and Centerpointe.

I found Michael's website in the early days of the development of Lifeflow and was extremely excited by his attitude, knowledge, and the potential of this new technology.

He certainly DID NOT let me down.

There are many excellent programs that are somewhat similar and base their methods on such things as the binaural beat system and stereo headphone listening.

While Lifeflow could be considered one of these, there are special things about this program that place it in a category all of its own.

One real difference is the recordings themselves. They seem just a bit more powerful than the competition. Over the past few years, I've been drawn to certain files that instantly place me in a meditation state that I find to be extremely beneficial.

And, I truly appreciate the lack of extraneous information found in this program. One is able to begin with this meditation almost immediately and see real results in a relatively short amount of time. And, the more one puts into the program, the more dramatic the results will be.

It's a privilege to be part of Lifeflow.

Thanks to Michael and the whole team.

Mr Bruce Speakman
Ft. Mohave, Arizona, USA

"I would recommend LifeFlow Meditation to ANYONE at ANY age"

It has been six months since I have started using the LifeFlow Meditation program. I have done work with transtherapy and other meditation programs like Holosync in the past, but nothing has quite worked as well as this program.

Let me give you a quick background so you can see where I'm coming from.

I am 23 years old and have been diagnosed with multiple health problems since birth. Once I had completed high school, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and panic/anxiety/depression disorder.

After years of counseling and many different types of mind altering drugs, I was done. I was young and didn't want to spend the rest of my life dependant on something to be able to stay sane, along with all of the other restricting constraints I had on my diet, and the constant pain I went through in my body. I was ready to heal my body and mind.

I was introduced to meditation through my college counselor, but it was still a slow process to release any childhood traumas and see any progress. Finally, at age 23, I was able to begin the LifeFlow Meditation program. The tracks are beautifully designed, pleasant, and work amazingly.

I truly felt the anxiety and stress melt from my body and mind after only a week. I have also found myself more able to handle stressful situations without problem; my tolerance level is much higher. But most amazingly, as I have used these tracks, I have been able to use meditation and the frequencies to start eating things I've been alergic to since childhood again for the FIRST time.

I would recommend LifeFlow Meditation to ANYONE at ANY age. I use it with my preschoolers at nap time and they are always more calm and relaxed when they wake up, even my child with ADHD. Meditation is a powerful tool all on its own, but add the right frequency to align your body and mind and you'll be amazed, like I was, at the miraculous transformations that can take place.

Even if you have tried other programs, which I also have, I would still recommend switching. The web support, the free guided meditations, and the price are unbeatable.

Try it, you have nothing to lose but years of pain, suffering, and discomfort, and you'll gain a lifetime of peace.

Miss Jessica Drollette
Moscow Idaho, USA

The System That Never Fails

This is a System that works for anyone, with or without any meditation background.

This is the System I've used to become familiar with each unique, beneficial state of meditation and experience all of the lasting benefits.

Remember, despite my success today, I'm really no different than you - I just happened to figure out a really simple, step-by-step formula for the average person like you and me to see massive results when it comes to experiencing the lasting inner peace of deep states of meditation...

Why is the technology of LifeFlow® so powerful and unique?

Because it will work for you EVEN IF you THINK you've tried everything!

Here’s what one Doctor says…

LifeFlow meditation is a neural entrainment program; it allows one to go to great depths in meditation--similar to monks or meditators that practice for many, many years. With LifeFlow, you can achieve these same results, but without waiting and practicing for years. I make this assertion based on my own long experience with meditation and with the LifeFlow program. For those considering a meditation program but perhaps are skeptical, I think you will find that this program will allow you to go easily into meditation, find that deep relaxation you seek, see the visible results by looking in a mirror before and after meditation, allow you to release any stress or stressful situations without either effort or difficulty, and leave you calm and peaceful. It can be used with or without headphones. It’s beyond unique and like nothing else out there
Dr. John D. Stickle, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

And here’s what a sceptical Audio Engineers test revealed…

“First thing I noticed was that the LifeFlow tracks start and end right at their targeted entrainment frequency. I've worked in recording studios since I was a teenager so I have access to some fairly state of the art audio equipment. Call me curious, I suppose, but I've run audio spectrographs on a number of entrainment products from various companies because I always want to know if their claims are backed up by the technical analysis I perform.

So when I ran across the LifeFlow series I was, to say the least, very skeptical. I thought to myself, "Here we go again! Another entrainment product that will just show me a jumble of sounds!" Then I tested them and to my very great surprise I found them to be unique and very different than any other track I'd ever tested before.

So I started using the LF-10 track and noticed how much it improved my meditative practice. With the technical spectrographic proof before my eyes, and the personal experience verifying to me that the tracks really do what Michael says they do, I had no qualms at all about LifeFlow.”

Why is the technology of LifeFlow® so powerful and unique?

Because it incorporates Isochronic, Monaural and Binaural tones in a structure of up to 12 simultaneous layers in its entrainment matrix, creating the most effective method of both entrainment and whole brain synchronisation.

A report by Dr. Gerald Oster, of Mt. Sinai Medical Center was published in the October 1973 issue of Scientific American.

In this report "Auditory Beats in the Brain," Dr. Gerald Oster stated that Monaural (bi-directional) entrainment creates a far greater entrainment effect than binaurals. He also stated that Monaural entrainment works well for people who cannot perceive Binaural beats.

When tones of different frequencies (up to 26Hz) are presented separately to each ear, pulsation's called binaural beats occur in the brain. This results in the whole brain becoming entrained to the internal beat and resonating to that frequency.

Monaural entrainment is produced when two tones combine digitally or naturally before the sounds reach the ears, as opposed to combining in the brain like binaural beats.

And that’s not all… Monaural tones can be heard with both ears, however, one ear is sufficient to perceive them, making the tracks incredibly effective even for those suffering from hearing impairments.

Isochronic entrainment incorporates a single tone, which turns off and on in a specific and accurate pattern and is now widely regarded as the most effective method of entrainment.

Monaural and Isochronic tones also share the big advantage in that they can both be listened to over open speakers, i.e. without the need of using headphones. This is a real bonus for people who don't want to be tied down by a pair of headphones with a cord.

It's Not Only the Most Effective, but also Most Effortless Method of guiding you progressively into beneficial brainwave states perfect for Meditation, Relaxation and Mind Improvement.

Each LifeFlow® track is 40 minutes, beginning and ending at the same frequency so you can reach your targeted brainwave state and rest there for the time you decide suits your personal lifestyle.

You may feel that a few minutes a day is all that you want or have time for, still you have the option to meditate or relax for longer if you prefer or time allows.

And in addition to that, each LifeFlow® level creates the vital and solid foundation for the next deeper level so you can feel comfortable and familiar with each unique and beneficial brainwave state.

Each track has different background soundscapes of exquisite music and unique sounds of nature. These are carefully chosen to fit significant carrier frequencies so you can enjoy a relaxation or meditation experience unmatched by any commercial product on the market today.

Just as you exercise your body to feel better and improve your physical health, stimulating the brain in this manner “exercises” the brain, bringing better mental and emotional health and increased intellectual functioning.

LifeFlow® will work for you EVEN IF you THINK you've tried everything!

It's Time To Re-Discover The Wonder
Of YOU... This Golden Key Is
Yours For The Taking

(IMPORTANT) The LifeFlow® program is designed with YOU in mind so you can:

  • Enjoy lasting peace of mind and happiness...
  • Achieve and enjoy more health and vitality, every waking hour...
  • Feel extreme and total confidence, and the ability to overcome any obstacle that, until NOW, may have been standing in your way...
  • See great improvements with your mental ability, memory, creativity, focus and concentration...
  • Let go of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear and any other issues...
  • Naturally boost your immune system and even reverse the aging process...
  • Improve sleep and regulate the production of your natural healing hormones...

Right now you are probably in a mid to lower Beta brainwave state of consciousness (12-20Hz) that helps you to concentrate and focus on what you are reading.

The LifeFlow® program is set up to take you from a place that you already are a little familiar with and to progressively expose you to the experience of deeper and deeper brainwave states so that each becomes familiar to you and builds upon your experience with the previous state.

You almost certainly know what it feels like to suddenly become aware that you were lost in a daydream (a high Alpha state of consciousness).

You begin with LifeFlow® 10 (10Hz Alpha) because you will already have a good deal of experience with higher alpha and it will be easy to begin experiencing your meditations within the lower alpha levels.

REMEMBER… each brainwave state is equally interesting, equally unique and equally valuable and each one builds a solid foundation for the next one.

It really is that simple…

YOU push the button – we do the rest

LifeFlow® 10 (Alpha 10Hz)

Within 8 minutes or less LifeFlow® 10 will gently guide you into this peaceful and relaxing brainwave state perfect for meditation and deep relaxation. This brainwave state boosts the production of Serotonin which is a calming neurotransmitter in the brain.

You’ll love the way you feel as you deeply relax in this beneficial brainwave state for a few minutes a day. The 10Hz frequency is also extremely helpful for focus.

Meditating or relaxing a few minutes a day while playing LifeFlow® 10 quietly for 30 days (longer if you prefer) will build the vital and solid foundation for the next deeper brainwave state. Once you feel familiar and notice improvements in your daily life you will be ready to experience the next deeper brainwave state of LifeFlow® 9.

Our Lifeflow experience :-)

“My wife and I have used Holosync for years. Since discovering LifeFlow, I must say that there is no contest. It is superior brain-wave entrainment. It is also nice to be free from the earphones. The resulting restful sleep and relaxation remain unmatched to anything else that we've tried. As a Clinical Consulting Psychologist in private practice and agency consultation for over 40 years, I've been a lifetime supporter of meditation and have been grateful for the availability modern sound technology. I now present clients with alternatives, but most strongly recommend your product.”
Jeffrey J. Elenewski, PhD
Clinical/Consulting Psychologist
Colorado Springs, Colorado

LifeFlow® 9 ( Deeper Alpha State)

Now you have become familiar with LifeFlow® 10 you will be ready to experience the deeper brainwave state of LifeFlow® 9. As you relax and rejuvenate a few minutes a day with the deeper Alpha level of LifeFlow® 9 you will be creating new neural pathways, feeling much calmer and experiencing all kinds of improvements in your daily life.

Meditating or relaxing a few minutes a day while playing LifeFlow® 9 quietly for 30 days (longer if you prefer) will build the vital and solid foundation for you to experience the deeper conscious brainwave state of LifeFlow® 8.

“Thanks. Hi... I just wanted to add a message here..... I only started meditation about 3 weeks ago, and the improvement in my life and health has been nothing less than extraordinary.... I am not the kind of person that believes in "Miracle Cures" which has made the last few weeks even more surprising to me... In short, I am feeling better, sleeping better, happier, more confident, and able to enjoy and appreciate life in a way that I haven't done for a long time..... Thank you, thank you, thank you to this project for getting me started...”
Chris, London, UK

LifeFlow® 8 (Deepest Alpha State)

Once you have built a solid foundation for LifeFlow® 8 (the deepest of the Alpha levels) you will begin to really understand why each LifeFlow® level is equally interesting, equally unique and equally valuable for you to experience each next deeper brainwave state.

You may notice by now that it takes you less time to enter the peace within and this can be a great benefit to you if you have a busy life. The more proficient you become at entering a state of meditation, the more rapidly you reach your target state.

Your new neural pathways will now be getting stronger and stronger and the way you handle situations in your daily life will amaze you.

Here’s what one member posted…

Actually Happy

“My fear of death and therefore rejection of being alive had made me depressed, constantly anxious, a heavy drinker, resentful, angry, lost, confused, helpless with no social confidence etc etc for as long as i can remember but now i am actually happy!! I have done a lot of ground work over the past seven years, and now Lifeflow has made it actually happen! and I'm only just starting LF8.

That is AMAZING.

All it takes is that bit of space that comes from being so totally relaxed.

Awesome. Life makes sense now, and is truly enjoyable for the first time.
LifeFlow® Community Member

LifeFlow® 7 (7.83 Hz Alpha/Theta)

LifeFlow® 7 incorporates an amazing extra bonus of the Schumann Resonance.

“Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation known as the (Schumann Resonance)”.

There is a great deal of research on the Schumann Resonance that has been performed from serious researchers at major universities and organizations. Some of these have been published in peer reviewed journals like the European Geosciences Union Journal of Geophysics.

Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of "protecting" them from electromagnetic (EMF) pollution, allowing the cells to increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals caused by modern technology.

LifeFlow® 7 has been specifically designed using the exact, precise frequency of the Schumann Resonance.

And what’s more, because LifeFlow® is uniquely designed to allow listening over open speakers it can literally protect your entire home or business environment. LifeFlow® 7 is also specifically helpful with insomnia.

Here’s what one member posted…

"The results have been amazing and I find that I can now get into a really relaxed state of mind within a few minutes"

I unfortunately don't seem to be able to learn new concepts well by reading and was really battling to get any sort of effect or results from my meditation attempts.

The area that I particularly struggled with is in being able to relax myself and especially my mind.

Well let me tell you that after just a few weeks of listening to the lifeflow sound tracks the results have been amazing and I find that I can now get into a really relaxed state of mind within a few minutes and of course the rest will speak for itself. Thank you, most sincerely for a wonderful, wonderful gift. Kind Regards, Kevin
Mr Kevin Watkinson
Durban, South Africa

LifeFlow® 6 (Theta State)

You normally only experience this brainwave state during the REM stage of sleep.

Within Theta, you release many feel good hormones including human growth hormone (HGH)

HGH is vital for…

  • Greater muscle tone
  • Stronger bones
  • Less fat
  • Increased brain function and younger-looking, tighter skin!

Some Hollywood stars pay up to $20,000 a year for synthetic human growth hormone injections, because it brings back youthful energy, looks, and stamina.

Now you can produce HGH and many other healing hormones, naturally and safely with a few restful minutes a day in the deep and beneficial Theta state of LifeFlow® 6.

"I believe LifeFlow meditation has not only helped me to meditate but completely improved my life"

I need to tell you I am over the moon!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I can only begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found and experienced LifeFlow meditation. Firstly, I need to thank you for enabling me to meditate in less than a week - that is so fantastic I know but there is something else I just could not wait to tell you...

I can honestly say, since listening daily for the past 3 months to LifeFlow meditation, my life has completely changed for the better. The way I feel, act and react to situations and people is completely different - I feel so calm and in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I even seem to attract more kind and caring people into my life. My family say how more relaxed and happy I am. I believe LifeFlow meditation has not only helped me to meditate but completely improved my life!

Seriously, I am astounded and so very happy with all the changes I can only attribute to LifeFlow meditation. By listening daily for often less than 10 minutes I have achieved so much.

I cannot recommend LifeFlow enough! Thank you sincerely. Lindsay x
Miss Lindsay Baker
Kent, United Kingdom

LifeFlow® 5 (Deeper Theta State)

The deeper Theta brainwave state also produces anti- cortisol. This allows you to experience more and more lasting inner peace and happiness for most, if not all of the time.

The calmness of your mind allows the space for your gift of creativity to surface. As you create new neural pathways in this deeply conscious beneficial state, you will find that you suddenly have the solution to problems that you once believed were unsolvable and you will be astounded.

When you feel comfortable and familiar with spending a little time a day in this deep beneficial state you will be ready to experience the deepest state of Theta.

"I am looking forward to the remainder of the series and wish all of you luck trying it out for yourself"

A practitioner of mine suggested that I try out this technology from a competing vendor in order to help with anxiety that I have been struggling with most of my adult life.

I did some research and was impressed with the LifeFlow product and found it to be less expensive then some of its competitors.

I have made it through the first 5 disks and during this time came upon the root issues regarding my anxiety from repressed childhood memories that surfaced through the dream state.

The first few disks of the series really hooked me as I actually felt really good while listening to them each night.

I am looking forward to the remainder of the series and wish all of you luck trying it out for yourself!
Mr Matt Standing
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

LifeFlow® 4 (Deepest Theta State)

You may now have become aware that you can enter a state of meditation or deep relaxation in far less time than the initial 8 minutes it used to take.

The ability to learn, be creative, control moods, reduce stress, resolve unwanted behaviour patterns and increase intuition is greatly increased with a few restful minutes a day in the deeply beneficial Theta states.

"When I started using LifeFlow, it was like I got on a meditation rocket ship"

I have been using the LifeFlow program everyday for almost 5 months now and I have noticed a dramatic change in my mental clarity and overall peacefulness.

Before starting with LifeFlow, I had been meditating regularly for 20 min per day and was seeing slow and steady improvement. When I started using LifeFlow, it was like I got on a meditation rocket ship.

I started seeing immediate results and having immediate breakthroughs.

It seems like with every new level, I get more and more benefits from the program. I am very grateful for finding LF and working with it on a daily basis.
Mr Seth Colby
Woodstock, IL, USA

LifeFlow® 3 (Deep Delta State)

The delta brainwave states occur within the “dreamless sleep stage” of a healthy sleep cycle where major recuperation takes place.

Becoming familiar and comfortable with the theta states builds the foundation for you to consciously experience the deepest meditative states with greatly reduced thoughts.

Within delta you produce large quantities of HGH (human growth hormones) for optimum health, vitality and longevity.

"I no longer need medication"

The LifeFlow programme has proved invaluable to me, as suffering for a long while with hyper tension I have been able to control my blood pressure to a point where I no longer need medication.

Through troubles coming thick and fast, its very, very important to me to have that time to myself to 'sharpen my axe' as it were and intensify my focus.

We all need time to ourselves and in this fast paced world more people need to realise the benefits that regular meditation can bring.

I went through a tough time when I split up with my daughter's father a while ago. I was so depressed and I knew it wasn’t right so I frantically searched for a way to sort myself out, to level myself off and I discovered meditation through Micheal's website.

Since then I have progressed slowly through the LifeFlow series and have found an inner peace and calm I’m sure I would not have found otherwise.

It has allowed me to remain calm in situations I knew I would have blown up in beforehand.

I would recommend LifeFlow meditation to anyone, I have benefited so much from just having that time to myself, and my closest friends and family have all noticed a difference in me!!

So, heads up to Micheal for all his hard work and research, it has done me a world of good and I hope it will continue to do so!
Miss Karen Mitchell
Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

LifeFlow® 2 (Deeper Delta State)

As you become comfortable and familiar with the deep recuperating delta levels, you continue to produce HGH and Melatonin…

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland and helps to create restful sleep. The inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly speed up the aging process. The production of this important hormone rapidly declines with age.

Melatonin passes through cell membranes and acts as a highly potent antioxidant to scavenge free radicals that cause damage to DNA, Reiter (1995). Melatonin also enhances sleep and boosts the immune system.

"My grades have improved"

I started using LifeFlow a little over a year ago. I am in Nursing School, work 2 jobs and have a family. This translates to by the end of the day my patience begins to run very thin.

I have noticed since I have began using LifeFlow meditation that I am more patient with my family, patients at work and my grades have improved.

I use LifeFlow in the morning, before I get out of bed, usually at lunch in the car, and always at bedtime. This helps my stress level immensely and I am calm enough to go to bed at night.

I used to suffer from insomnia but this has helped with it and I almost never have a restless night.

I also began to have arthritis in my hands, the meditaiton does help me to be able to better deal with the pain that I have in my hands.

I have to say that I could type all day and not be able to list the wonderful things that meditation has given me. I am truly thankful that there is a program out there that has helped me with so many different aspects of my life, and thank you Micheal for creating it.
Miss Emily Lamirand
Oklahoma City, United States

LifeFlow® 1 (Deepest Delta State)

Now, it will be self evident that the LifeFlow® entrainment tracks are progressive in the sense that you need familiarity with every level so that you can gradually make the transition to and experience the most benefits from each deeper state. You will now be able to experience the conscious state of the deepest delta level where deep recuperation and healing takes place.

Having become proficient at entering into meditation at the various levels, you are now in a position to go back and more fully explore all those levels in detail, again, and again, and again… There will always be a need to immerse yourself somewhere in those Alpha, Theta and Delta states, and the LifeFlow® tracks will consistently help you do just that… Now you have a lifelong aid.

By quieting the mind, which then quiets the body, and the less turbulent the body is, the more the self-repair healing mechanisms get amplified. In fact, scientists have shown that the better your DNA, your genetic machinery is at healing itself, the longer you live. That's how meditation lowers biological age.” Deepak Chopra

My Gift To You

Try my program today and receive a bundle of free gifts...

Creative Flow

Creative Flow - $67 value

Unleash Your Creative Genius.
Amaze your friends and loved ones with your inspired fresh ideas and enhanced creative flair!

Now, here is all you do. Simply press play so you can unleash your creative genius.

You will gasp in amazement as you actually feel your creative juices begin to flow and mental blockages begin clearing for innovative new ideas to break through the surface from your hidden subconscious genius within.

Can you imagine how great that feels?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Because your ability to solve complex problems skyrockets too!

  • Experience amazing “Eurika moments” when you suddenly find the solution to what seemed an unsolvable problem
  • Come up with fresh ideas to improve your finances
  • Find the inspiration to write that book you always wanted to do.
  • Amaze your friends and loved ones with your inspired new ideas and enhanced creative flare.

Creative Flow has been precisely designed to gently guide you into the enjoyable and inspiring theta brainwave state associated with enhanced creativity.

Countless studies have proven that theta brainwaves are highly present in our creative processes and by entering the THETA state of mind, you actually enhance your insight, creativity and have greater access to your full potential.

You can play Creative Flow for as long as you choose with headphones and without for…

  • Relaxing
  • Studying and revising
  • Designing, painting or any kind of creative work
  • Reading
  • Working at your computer
  • Greater access to the sub-conscious with Affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Goal setting
  • Realizing Your Full Potential

“The first time I listened to Creative Flow, I felt an influx of relaxation...I could literally feel relaxation hormones flood my system. The gradual subtle effects include a noticeable difference in my creativity and flow, my sense of humour, my way of thinking.

I feel like I grasp the significance of things more easily. My strengths and gifts are more apparent than ever. I feel like a light being of enthusiasm and optimism. I wrote my first music album in years and am recording now in studio. I also picked up painting. My happiness and sense of well being and direction have greatly increased.

Best Wishes and Thanks from the heart,
San Diego, California


Optimal Learning

Optimal Learning - $67 value

Experience the "Super Learning State"

Discover a laser focused state of mind whenever you are learning or studying!

You will increase retention and learn with much less mental effort. This breakthrough track has been designed to gently guide you in to the alpha brainwave state commonly named by scientists as “The super learning state”.

You will be able to get in the zone instantly and save hours of wasted time.

Here’s what Andra from Romania had to say…

I passed my exam with 100!

LF is just outstanding! I received the CDs on Friday and decided to give it a shot. I have tried all sorts of brain enhancement technologies but this is by far the best. So, on Monday, all my classmates were stressed out about this super very important exam that afternoon so before I went to school I just listened to LF 10 and it worked wonders : all my fears and my anxiety were gone, replaced by a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. I also listened to optimal learning right before the exam,and I felt very confident and focused. I totally aced it! I am so happy that I stumbled upon this amazing technology!”
Andra, Romania
LifeFlow® Community Member


Discover Meditation

Discover Meditation (4 C.D. Meditation Course) - $197 value

Did you know that people who meditate daily are much happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t?

Thousands of people worldwide are now enjoying amazing benefits with the Discover Meditation program and so can you. The Discover Meditation course consists of 4 step-by-step compact disks that will easily and gently guide you through the process of meditation.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the extra gift you’ll discover on C.D.2 of the program - this little habit can increase your happiness dramatically!

Here is what Rev. Dion Ward and Dan O'Leary said about the Discover meditation course:

"I was extremely pleased with the Meditation Course. I discussed some of the course with a friend of mine who was aghast! He had paid thousands of dollars to learn what I had learned for free."
Rev. Dion Ward
LifeFlow® Community Member

Outstanding Customer Support


Outstanding Personal
Customer Care – Priceless

People consistently comment on how helpful and supportive our staff are. They really care about your development and progress and they’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Not only will you receive unlimited support & follow ups… You'll also be sent new reports on a regular basis along with free bonuses.

Here's what Dr Darag Rennie had to say about our support team...

“Michael, I also wanted you to know that I've really appreciated the energy and tone behind your continued communication and education. It's always positive and upbeat and doesn't slip into using negativity to spur a buying decision like a lot of people marketing on the net do. And whenever I have needed any technical support your staff have been so warm and friendly to deal with.”

Dr Darag Rennie MBChB
Stanmore Bay, New Zealand


If you're still reading this, then you're probably starting to think this technique is what you have been searching for. Still don't get ahead of yourself, because…

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The odds are against you already, only 10% of the individuals who are given the golden key actually use it.

If you feel doubtful about your commitment, I advise you to stop now. It only takes as little as a few minutes a day to experience the wave of benefits LifeFlow® has to offer you, still if you feel you cannot give just a few minutes a day to your new life I seriously suggest you do not continue reading!

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I have set up a system whereby you pay once a month for 10 months and over that period I will deliver you the next part of the program exactly when you are ready for it.

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Because if you are committed to invest a few minutes a day to improve the quality of your entire life, I want to push the boat out and give you a real head start.

After 30 days of meditating or relaxing a few minutes a day with LifeFlow® 10 I'll send you the next deeper brainwave state of LifeFlow® 9 along with the short (20min) and extended (60min) versions of that track.

I have created the short and extended versions of each of the LifeFlow® tracks, allowing you to choose between a 60, 40 or 20 minute LifeFlow® session. This allows you to benefit from the amazing LifeFlow® program in a way that is best suited to your lifestyle.

Along with your deeper level LifeFlow 8® (the third track of the program) I'll also throw in the first part of a very special trio track set ‘A Perfect Day’ just as a thank you for committing to yourself and your new life.

To complete the set I'll also give you part 2 and part 3 of the trio set with LifeFlow® tracks 6 & 4.

This delivery of each deeper level will continue until you reach the 10th level (LifeFlow® 1) of the program. At that stage I will give you the wonderful Gamma tracks worth $200 absolutely free for your commitment to yourself!

Completion Bonus - New Gamma Tracks

Gamma Tracks

Exciting New Gamma Tracks
You'll love the ecstatic states of consciousness experienced with the new Nirvana and Awaken tracks.

The huge demand for these tracks is due to the fact that something very unusual occurs at 40 Hz which works extremely well for relaxation, meditation, creativity, study and stress reduction etc. It really is the frequency known as the "Jack of all trades" and has had great success in dealing with conditions such as ADD.

Hello Everyone,

I just finished medtating with Nirvana and it made me feel so good I thought it was time to do my first post.

I have finished the LifeFlow series. I just wanted to tell everyone that it changed my life. I am 55 years young and have always searched for happiness. Well, I found it with LifeFlow.

LifeFlow® Community Member

* You will receive The Gamma Tracks Awaken and Nirvana on completion of the program. They will become available to you in the download center upon reaching LifeFlow® 1 at the end of your subscription.

"Now if you noticed, I didn't do a long, drawn-out price justification.

That's because if your initial reaction was anything other than
"Wow, that's A LOT less than I thought it would be…"

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No Risk?

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For your peace of mind, I 100% guarantee this program with my 100% money back guarantee!

If you try the program and after giving it your daily time slot you believe it’s not all I've promised you then simply email my wonderful support staff for a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, no gimmicks! And because I believe in you so much and my product I'll let you keep all you have acquired from the course, because one day in the future you may pick it back up and find it was just the wrong time before!

It’s not your $$'s I'm looking for here it’s your commitment to yourself which I know plays such a key part in your success.

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That's the harsh truth...

You're in control here, all the pressure is on you which is why I have tried my hardest for it to be a risk free venture for you.

I know that when you reach LifeFlow® 1 in the download centre that you will value this course in its thousands if not more because I know the benefits you will gain still I cannot make you do this, I can only encourage you. This is why I’ll be with you every step of the way, sending you great information and tips weekly.


"My Crazy 30 Day Guarantee"

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I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I've personally gained untold benefits with the cutting edge technology of each LifeFlow® level and I know they work. Fair enough?

Life Is A Series Of Choices

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Bruce Speakman

"I am a longtime meditator with many years experience using brain wave programs such as hemisync and holosync. I'm very excited about this new LifeFlow program and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a tool to deepen and accelerate their meditation practice."

Bruce Speakman - USA

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Michael Mackenzie

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2Checkout.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for Project Meditation®

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