Victoria Wilson Springfield, USA

How did you hear about LifeFlow Victoria?

“I am a former Holosync user. I listened to it off and on for ten years. The reason why I stuck with Holosync was because it seemed to clear a lot of stuff from my life. However, things would get really bad before they got really good. To ease the pain from overwhelming feelings that were coming up, I would distract myself. I spent hours watching television. I binged on junk food. I finally decided it just was not worth it.

I decided to see if there was another brain entrainment program I could use. That is how I found LifeFlow. I read all the testimonials on the forum. It seemed promising, however, I was a little suspicious because of the low price compared to Holosync and the fact that I could finish the series in 10 months as opposed to Holosync which would take me over a decade to complete. I decided to give LifeFlow a try though. You never know unless you try for yourself!”

Did LifeFlow meet your expectations?

“I started my LifeFlow journey on Sunday, July 12, 2015. When I went to work the next day, my boss told me I had a sparkle in my eye. I know that sparkle was from LifeFlow. I have faithfully listened to LifeFlow everyday for a minimum of one hour since then. I have not skipped a day!

The changes in my life are pretty dramatic. First and foremost, I have never had peace of mind. When I was not thinking, I was daydreaming. This was all very unconscious. These days, I do not have unconscious thoughts. I have not daydreamed in months. I spend most of my time living in the present! The silence in my mind is amazing. My negative emotions have dropped away too. I used to have a huge problem with being jealous. I do not have that problem anymore. I used to feel ashamed of who I was. Now, I am pretty happy with who I am. I used to be focused on external appearances. Now, I am more concerned with my inner life.”

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How has LifeFlow affected your daily life?

“I am in my second year of law school. In my first year, without LifeFlow, my grades were A’s, B’s and C’s. This year, with LifeFlow, my grades are A’s and B+’s. Starting with LifeFlow level 3, I increased my listening time from 1 hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes. The extra 40 minutes have taken things to the next level. My food cravings have disappeared. I have a problem with food. I used to spend my time thinking about my next meal. I used to binge on junk food. As such, I had problems with my weight. Now, I no longer have cravings. I no longer have a desire to eat junk food. As such, my weight has been dropping pretty quickly.

Also, I do not procrastinate as badly as I used to. Since listening to LifeFlow, I have noticed that people are nicer to me. People seem to like me much better. Also, my thoughts, when I have them, seem to manifest almost instantly.

Anyways, I am sure I am forgetting something. I really do not have the words to describe how happy I am with LifeFlow.

Have you ever had a day where things just seem to go your way, where you can do no wrong? That is my life on LifeFlow. It’s like a magic protective bubble surrounds me. I plan to listen to LifeFlow for the rest of my life.”


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