Have you ever experienced restlessness or agitation during or after meditation?

Yet isn’t meditation supposed to be soothing?

Why then does it sometimes create this opposite state?

When you meditate, your mind is processing, much like a powerful computer system. It runs all day, every day, and its job is to make sense of the world.

When your mental chatter becomes less intense during meditation, you may become aware that something is trying to come to the surface to be dealt with.
This is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about!

Your subconscious is constantly processing but ultimately there has to be some conscious input.

For example, you may be processing a relationship that ended and most of that processing is happening based on your belief system.

You may feel that the relationship ended because of the way your ex behaved but until you recognize your part in the situation (and this requires conscious awareness of your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions ) then you may be likely to repeat the scene in the next relationship.

Logic would say, “Deal with it! Learn the lesson and don’t repeat it!”
However … the ego does not like to be wrong.

It will fight with all of its power to maintain its rightness! And that’s why you may be resisting something that is trying to surface.

Resistance comes from the egoYour ego doesn’t even want you to deal with this and come to the realization that (gasp!) you might be wrong or that your beliefs might be wrong.

So when you feel restless or agitated, SMILE. It’s a good thing! It’s simply that your mind is trying to bring something up to the surface for processing.

It’s not actual suppressed emotions that make you feel upset, it’s your resistance to them that cause the discomfort! Anytime that your mind is trying to process something which is not compatible with your belief system, there will be resistance.

Going back to the relationship example, if you firmly believe that you are the victim of your ex’s behaviors (let’s say that they had an affair and you have played no part in the situation ) and cannot look past that belief to see their point of view, then your mind will try over and over again to “solve” the problem.

The problem is though, it can’t, because it’s stuck in one specific belief loop (in this case, you played no part in the situation).

That’s why you can look at these instances as true gifts of awareness and an opportunity to “upgrade” your beliefs!

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According to neuroscientist Jill Bolte-Taylor, an emotion is an electrochemical reaction in your brain triggered by a thought or thoughts. That’s all it is!

This is why I encourage you to never say “I am sad”, “I am angry” or “I can’t take anymore”, as these negative thoughts will trigger negative emotions.

Emotional avoidance is what happens to so many, by way of denying our feelings, possibly through over eating, not eating enough, the use of alcohol or drugs etc to dull the pain we feel.

Please remember that you are NOT your emotion, you’re just the one having the experience! If you put your focus on the experience of the emotion, marvelous things happen.
Furthermore, you avoid getting involved in the thoughts, which of course are the source of the emotion, and within 90 seconds or less, the reaction runs its course and you feel better!

What does this mean?

It’s understandable that you may consciously resist feeling an unpleasant emotion. However, you can allow yourself to feel the emotion whilst doing your best to avoid thinking about why you’re feeling it.
If you drop the resistance to the experience of an emotion, you can feel it, and feel better fast.

When you drop the resistance, the discomfort goes away, period!

In our next blog post, I’ll share with you how to effectively become aware of, observe and release resistance effectively.

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