Have you ever felt that sometimes things reach a point where it all just feels a bit too much?

Do you ever feel tired and weary of the challenges in daily life, feeling far from having a balanced body and mind?

Do you ever put off dealing with certain responsibilities because you just don’t feel you can deal with them right now?

When we feel like this, it can seem like everything is out of balance and it may appear to be impossible to move beyond some situations. Sometimes we can be shocked or hurt by something or someone and it literally staggers us.

A very good friend of mine had been experiencing some of these feelings for quite sometime and he recently told me how a “Native American Medicine Wheel” had been, in his words “A Godsend to him“.

He sent me a note with a copy of the scroll attached to the medicine wheel and I would like to share a piece of this with you…

“My friend,

When I read the following I had an instant realization:-

This Native American Medicine Wheel symbolizes the balance and harmony within the circle of life. Within the circle is a cross that creates four equal sections.

using a medicine wheel for a balanced body and mind

The circle represents the wholeness of life and the cross is the crucial balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self.

The four sections must be equal, active, and in balance for harmony to be attained in life.

In a truly balanced life, we stand at the intersection of the cross, in the center of the circle. Notice that this state of self lies within us, within the circle. So it is within that we must go to achieve the balances that maintain harmony and well being.

Stress as many of us are only too aware is the great destroyer of stability and we are subject to external stress from every aspect of our lives.

Proper nutrition, rest, relaxation, and exercise can help to offset some of the effects but within our minds lie all the negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves; within our subconscious lies all of our experiences, emotions, and traumas. Every time a situation triggers a negative emotional response or a thought conflicts with our beliefs, it creates stress.

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By externalizing and separating ourselves from the Universal Source, we render ourselves powerless, feeling helpless, without hope, and increasing our stress. Under stress the Medicine Wheel’s four aspects are no longer equal and in balance; the arms of the cross have shrunk, unable to sustain the physical, and illness manifests.

We need to replenish our inner selves to maintain the physical self. Through meditation we can enhance self confidence, energy, decisiveness, and a positive attitude. We can then go further and clear our minds of negative thoughts and emotions of the past, while finding peace within.

Thus restoring a balanced body, mind, emotions and spirit. Only when we do this, can we walk the Earth in beauty and harmony. And that could be the greatest healing of all for ourselves, mankind and planet Earth.

I must confess Michael, the LifeFlow program you gave me so long ago is something I have procrastinated on until I recently read the above scroll. I immediately realized what you gifted me and why. I also imagined you whispering, almost subliminally, “Physician, heal thyself”

After just a few weeks, I am realizing how invaluable just 30 minutes in the morning and/or 30 minutes before dinner is proving to be.

I feel more calm, more alive and more aware than ever before and for this I thank you my friend…”

As Galileo stated…

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

Most people have no idea of the natural powers they possess within to live in a balanced body, living a harmonious life. When you experience the love, peace and joy from resting a few minutes a day in the silent stillness deep within, you come to realize that this is the “elusive something” that you have been searching so long for.

Just a few restful minutes a day is all you need to discover that peace and joy within. Don’t ever forget this.

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