It’s alright to keep hearing that to live a full and authentic life, you must follow your joy or your bliss but how do you do this if you don’t even know what your joy is?

Many of us do what we’re expected to do on a daily basis.

We get up, get ready for work, commute – sometimes for as long as an hour or more each way – to a job that… what? A job that we love? In most cases, no. It’s “just a job.” It pays the bills. But there’s no passion, no inner fire.

Our workday consists of tasks we don’t particularly enjoy, and the end of the day doesn’t bring a satisfied feeling.

We live for the weekends, which, if we’re lucky, are spent doing fun and exciting things – but more often than not, become just another workday because of all the chores at home that have piled up during the week.

You don't need to buy stuff to follow your joyAnd so, to push down the unhappiness and emptiness, we buy stuff.

But we know deep down these things don’t make life any happier at all. In fact, they just put us into debt, which ties us down even tighter to that soul-sucking job – and even if it’s “not that bad”

… Do we get up every morning full of enthusiasm?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to become used to this “meh” kind of life. We get comfortable and complacent, and stop living passionately and purposefully.

And, it’s interesting that we are feeding into this collective energy of people who are unhappy and unfulfilled. An energy that is detrimental to all life on our planet.

Just think about the behavior of unhappy people. They don’t care.

They don’t care about their bodies and they don’t care about the place they live.

By contrast, happiness creates an upward spiral of compassion and caring.

So what does this have to do with learning how to follow your joy?

Well everything really! Joy is a practice and not a lucky experience.

Give Yourself Permission to FOLLOW YOUR JOY 

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Today is all we have!

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Follow these three steps below to start living more joyfully immediately. Not only will you elevate yourself and the people around you, it will have a positive ripple effect on the planet (whether you believe it or not).

How to follow your joy daily using these three commitments:

1. Be you. Those two little words (be you) can be so powerful when you dare to be different.

Many of us fear not being accepted if we are authentically ourselves. All of our lives we have been taught to compare ourselves with others (this started in kindergarten and followed us from there), and to conform, so it’s natural to fear being different.

What you can do to speed up the process of first discovering your joy is to simply become more aware of what moves you. Try meditating on the joy of just being you. The you that you remember before you began to believe it wasn’t cool to be you.

You were born to be YOU, and if you grew up hearing, “You can be whatever you want to be,” (even though you may have had it schooled out of you) – NOW is the time to believe in yourself again and go do what brings you joy.

3 commitments on how to follow your joy

2. Don’t worry about what other people think! Easier said than done yes but this can and should be practiced if you really want to live the life you so freely deserve. The rest of the world are far more concerned with what they think people are thinking about them anyway.

If you fill your own cup of joy first, then you might just choose to share with others later.

Meditate on how right it feels for you when you do follow your joy or bliss. The people around you may not ‘get’ you and they may not support you either. Remember though, it isn’t your job to please others, especially when it’s at your own expense.

Some may see this as “selfish” and if and when that’s the case, do it anyway! It’s your life and your happiness and enthusiasm can rub off on them and inspire them to live authentically too. If they don’t, it’s not your job to ‘fix’ them because that’s their chosen path, not yours.

3. Be here, now, and enjoy the unfolding. be in the now and just follow your joy

Be patient! There’s a difference between escaping from a life that doesn’t bring you joy, and consciously choosing to enjoy the present moment as it unfolds. The present moment is the only reality so do more of what you love, right now, and don’t worry about the future.

You will feel what happens when you meditate on the joy of the moment. Think about what is in the moment, that brings a smile to your lips?

What makes you feel grateful? What can you do, right now, that feels good for you?

Above all, don’t wait to do things your way. Your joy doesn’t need to be something that pays the bills. It just needs to be a part of your life.

Do more of what you love, enjoy being yourself, and be in the moment, without guilt or fear.

Free 8 Minute Deep Meditation

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