Try the simple exercise in the video below right now and you’ll see how HIIT will work for your mind…

Forcing Your Mind Into The Quietness

Imagine yourself in a situation where you feel stressed, anxious, fearful or in an emergency or situation where you need to be centered and in control of your emotions.

Practice the art of silenceNow imagine how much more productive you would be if you could slip into the quiet within just a few seconds so you could calmly handle the situation, instead of reacting with your usual emotion that bubbles up in these situations.

This is why the Q Technique is such a trailblazing technique, it is utilizing “HIIT for the mind” and physically forcing your mind into the quietness and therefore reaping all the benefits that this offers.

Just like the top athletes now using this technique on their bodies to get the best out of them, you can use it on your mind to get the best out of it too. After mastering the Q Technique you can use it to quieten your mind in any situation in as little as one to two breaths.

Giving you the confidence of being the best you can be whenever you need it.

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