Did you know a study by Dr Siegfried Othmer, international leader in the field of neurofeedback and brainwave training, led him to conclude that brainwave training has exceptional effects on intelligence. On average, individuals experienced a 23% increase in IQ.

Individuals that began brainwave training with IQ levels that were less than 100 have been shown to enjoy IQ gains of 33 points on average, in addition to significant improvements in reading comprehension, memory related tasks and logic handling abilities.

A year later, a follow up with those involved in the study found major improvements in self concept, creativity and concentration.

Another study by Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D found that college students who used brainwave training technology drastically out performed those that did not in both academic tasks and by GPA.
Thomas Edison
One of the most famous and prolific inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, exerted a tremendous influence on modern life, contributing inventions such as the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera, as well as improving the telegraph and telephone.

He worked energetically in his laboratories and each time he was faced with a problem and needed to find a solution he would go sit in his armchair, close his eyes and enter the creative brainwave state of alpha/theta.

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Edison believed that he was at his most creative when he sat in front of a fire, holding ball-bearings in his hands which were held above metal plates.

The comfy chair and the fire would relax him – but if he started to nod off, his arms would lower, he’d drop the ball-bearings into the metal plates and the noise would intentionally wake him up, albeit with a new idea for his project and he would then continue his work.

Scientists believe that Edison was unknowingly getting his brain waves to access the alpha/theta state, which is somewhere between very relaxed and light sleep. It’s also known as the hypnagogic or meditative state.

Often, our best creative ideas and solutions come, not when we are struggling and straining, but when we take a break away from the project and relax or meditate.

You don’t need to be an Edison, a Picasso or a Rembrandt to be creative, solve problems or raise your IQ, you simply need to access your own genius within.

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Project Meditation
Project Meditation

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