It’s been said that low self-esteem is the #1 reason people fail to achieve success. It all boils down to the powerful way that the emotion of low self-esteem influences your behaviors. You’re less likely to even try, if you think you’re not good enough. And you’re more likely to quit, if you don’t believe you can overcome the obstacles in your way.

But you are worthy, and you are amazing. Here’s a wonderful little video to inspire you, and give you hope:

Low self-esteem usually begins in childhood, and it’s carried over throughout adult life… and yet, as Denis Waitley says in the video, all it often takes to turn things around is a mentor – someone who believes in you, who can coach you through your self-doubts and self-defeating habits.

But what if you don’t know anyone who “has your back” like that? What if you don’t have a mentor who will help you imprint positive thoughts about yourself into your mind – who will say that you are capable, despite current circumstances; that you are worthy, no matter what has happened in the past…

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All you have to do is feed your mind DAILY with positive self-talk, and you will rewire your brain and train yourself to think encouragingly and supportively about yourself… to retrain yourself to speak in terms of potential and not current performance.

Here are three incredibly powerful affirmations that WILL change your mind about yourself – but you have to commit to them daily, and also practice challenging the beliefs that you currently hold.

I love myself: say this one every day, repeatedly, even if you don’t believe it. Just allow yourself to relax into the feeling. Even if it’s just a fleeting moment, deep down, beneath the self-deprecating beliefs, you know it’s true. As a variation, say this one also: I love you – said while looking at yourself in the mirror. Very powerful!
I can figure it out: say this one anytime you are stuck on a problem. This affirmation reminds you that you have potential that is independent of your current results!
I am enough: say this one whenever you find yourself making negative comparisons to others. You are unique and you can do things that they cannot. Put the spotlight on YOU and rise to your potential!

When you feed your mind daily with positive self talk, you will rise to your potential. I believe in you!

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