When was the last time worry tried to take a hold of you? Can you remember?

Whether it was moments ago or days ago, are you aware that every time you waste the present moment to worry about what might happen in the future, you are in fact choosing to sacrifice the joy you could be feeling today to mourn the joy you might not have tomorrow.
Might be worth a re-read!

‘When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.’ – Eckhart Tolle

So today, how about contemplating the joy of uncertainty, how to really embrace the unknown and how to stop the endless thoughts of worry dead in their tracks.

Here is a story about a young man’s mother, whom he refers to as the “President of Over-thinkers Anonymous” POTA.

This young mans mother decided to hold a dinner party for several couples.

the worry of a dinner party

She spent hours and hours perfecting a menu (she’s truly a gourmet cook), of which was bound to be a huge hit with her guests. Everything would be perfect and then she started overthinking it and the worries began to present themselves one after the other.

Worry 1:

One of the guests was a vegetarian and the young mans mother couldn’t decide whether to modify the menu to accommodate a vegetarian or go all-out and make it a vegan meal.

Worry 2:

Another guest had a fish allergy, which was really no big problem since the fish dish was only one of the appetizers and there were plenty more to choose from. That is until she read somewhere that even using the same knife she used on the fish, could cross-contaminate any other dishes.don't let doubts and worry take over

Our over thinking host spent a couple of agonizing days full of worry about what to cook that would please everybody. She scrapped her original menu and completely replaced every dish.

In the end, she chose a vegetarian dinner (all 5 courses), scrapping the fish dish entirely. By which time, her anxiety level was through the roof and she was even starting to doubt her cooking abilities.

HOWEVER …the dinner party came and went, flawlessly.

The vegetarian thanked their thoughtful host and added, “I can actually eat meat if it’s just once in a while”.

The person allergic to fish said that his wife used the same knife to cut her salmon as she did to chop veggies and it’s never been an issue.

In the end, none of it mattered.

Everybody complimented the young mans mother on her fabulous dinner party and all were fed and happy … except our thoughtful host that is. Who by this time was feeling so exhausted mentally and physically sick from battling the fears of what might have gone wrong. She’d hardly enjoyed the dinner preparations at all, for worrying about whether she was meeting everybody’s dietary requirements.

It was only afterward that she admitted to feeling incredible relief when her guests devoured their food and almost licked their plates clean!


Could the young mans mother have saved herself a ton of anxiety by simply asking people what their dietary needs were in advance and in detail?
Or would she have found something else to worry about instead?

“Over-thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, twists things around, makes you worry and just makes everything much worse than it actually is”.

Can you relate or do you know someone like this in your own life? Whether it be a dinner party, organizing an event or trying something new.
Do you ever over-think, taking yourself in circles and changing some of life’s naturally challenging situations into life-threatening ordeals?

If so, have you ever tried meditation?

When you meditate (and this can be as simple as focusing your attention on your breathing) you learn to naturally stop over thinking and over managing life. Meditation even boosts creativity and so the more you relax, the more ideas you will be presented with at the perfect time.

Another Question …

All those times, when you thought excess planning was producing the best possible outcome. What did all that mental busy work really do for you?
Let’s face it … It wouldn’t have been much fun and it really is quite the opposite of productive.

All it does do is cause you to spiral into a deeper and deeper rut of “what might go wrong” and escalates negative emotions within.

The truth is, if you worry about nothing, you’ve wasted precious time and mental energy over guess what? Nothing.
And if you worry about something that is wrong but can’t change it, you’ve still wasted that time and mental energy.

Worry does not create solutions. It simply cannot!
All it can do is laser-focus your mind on what’s wrong or more likely, what could possibly go wrong. It gives not a nanosecond of mental energy to the solution, or to what could go right.

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose

Let’s face it … life is uncertain. That’s just the way it is!

So from this day on, remind yourself regularly that it really is pointless to work yourself into a tizzy over something that is possible, but not certain. Our lives are going to be full of many more possibilities and so worrying about each one would be a thankless and endless task, even if we tried.

Today, I encourage you to think about the delightful moments. The times when you’ve felt the most fulfilled and alive.
In the past, venturing into the unknown will have naturally yielded some adversity and heartaches for you. Don’t lose sight of the adventures, excitement, satisfaction and maybe even love it also brought to you.

For every disappointment, there’s wonder. For every loss, there’s a welcoming and for every fear, there’s a comfort.
Sometimes you just have to look beyond the obvious to find it, it’s always there but it can hide very well at times.

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Being stuck in the false comfort of sameness, actually prevents you from experiencing the awe that comes with uncertainty.

So if you find yourself stuck in a loop worrying about the maybes of the future, your mind will inevitably become too busy.  Too busy maybe to notice the smile that attractive person just gave you from across the room. Or if you do notice the smile, you might easily slip into a worry-loop about that person’s intentions and completely miss out on the experience of meeting the love of your life.

Why not practice being here and now, as often as you can. Truly Immerse yourself in the moment. With practice, you’ll become an expert at this and you’ll love that it’s you who’s making those moments so much more wonderful.

Do what you can, right now, to ensure that the future… your future is one of wonder. And the only way this is ever going to be possible is to practice the art of relaxing your mind as and when it turns to worry.
You know deep down that you cannot control what the future will look like but know this:

If you are OPEN to it leading to something positive, it will do. If you are OPEN to things working out well (whether unexpectedly or differently), they will.

Embrace uncertainty and see what happens but to do this, you really must :

  1. Trust that your interpretation of every situation is 100% under your control.
  2. Trust that your expectations are also 100% under your control.
  3. Trust that your response is also 100% under your control.

If people show up to your dinner party with food allergies, RELAX! It’s okay!
There is always something that the two of you can co-create last-minute, over wine and conversation… and it could even lead to a new favorite dish for everyone!

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” ~ Bob Goff

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