Humans can be called happiness seekers. We do all kinds of things that we believe will make us happy. Some of these things are positive, some are not, but in the end, we do everything for one purpose: to be happy.

Dr. Wayne Dyer states the Dyer dozen, twelve steps to happiness that we agree are absolutely essential in this enlightening short video…

  • Want more for others than you want for yourself.
  • Think from the end.
  • Be an appreciator in your life.
  • Stay in rapport with Source Energy.
  • Avoid resistance.
  • Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you desire.
  • Understand the art of allowing.
  • Practice radical humility.
  • Be in a constant state of gratitude.
  • Keep in mind you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
  • Play the match game: “Am I matched up with the field of intention?”.
  • Meditate as a way of staying connected with Source Energy.

Do you feel a little happier already, knowing that happiness is at your fingertips (or rather, inside you) and that you don’t have to go chasing it?

We at Project Meditation believe there are several more elements to happiness that you can practice anytime in addition to Dr. Dyer’s suggestions:

  1. Let go of expectations. Do not expect people to behave a certain way, or things to turn out exactly as planned. Instead, be accepting of others as they are, and be adventurous and flexible in your approach to all situations.
  2. Be present. Living in the past with its guilt and regrets, or in the future with its longing and worries, doesn’t make you happy. In this moment, you have the choice to think happy thoughts, do nice things for others (and for yourself), and to take actions that support your goals.
  3. Know that happiness is a choice. It’s a matter of learning to choose better-feeling thoughts and responses to a situation. As you practice this, you will find that things that used to upset you for days, will now upset you for mere moments and you’ll quickly regain your natural happiness.

This is powerful stuff! Your experience is determined by your thoughts right now! Absorb Dr. Dyer’s wisdom, add the three Project Meditation tips, and happiness is yours!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Dyer’s suggestions and this post in the comments below!

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    6 replies to "Wayne Dyer – 12 Steps To Happiness"

    • Martha

      It is so true.Every day now I try to be on the job is stresful so I need to do more and more this 3 practices until I feel better..thank you for the information..Me

      • Project Meditation

        We greatly appreciate you sharing your honest feedback with us all Martha.
        Have a great weekend!
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • Becky

      thank you , thank you , thank you !!!

      • Project Meditation

        It’s a real pleasure Becky! Thanks for your continued support!
        Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

    • Tonette

      Thank you so much for reminding me the way I should be and intend to be in future

      • Project Meditation

        We’re so pleased you’ll benefit from the 12 step reminder Tonette and appreciate you taking the time to tell us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! – Namaste – the Project Meditation Team 🙂

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