Do you ever find that your mind seems to love creating drama? And it’s usually out of nothing at all. It can literally drive you crazy all day long if you let it but the thing is, you’re absolutely not on your own.

The thing with drama is that it loves to build on what you yourself have created. Meaning, a small problem at work in the morning, can snowball into the mental drama of co-workers trying to sabotage your career by the end of the day (if you let your mind run wild).

According to the dictionary, drama simply means, any situation that has vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest.

Here are the three areas to be especially aware of if you are ready and wanting to live a more drama free life.

1. Exaggeration (especially when it comes to amplifying things you don’t want in your life).

Anytime you focus on what’s wrong, you amplify the mental and emotional energy you’re sending that way. This inevitably results in small challenges becoming overwhelming very quickly. Everything becomes a crisis in the mind of a Drama Queen (this is not gender-specific).

2. Misunderstanding. 

It’s easy to completely misread another person’s words or behaviors and if you’re already focusing on what’s wrong in your life (and what’s growing worse by the minute) you are predisposed to interpreting their behaviors negatively.

3. Unmet expectations.

You expected A to happen, but B happened instead.

The most important thing to recognize is that where there is drama, there is no peace.

“Don’t let anyone drain you of your happiness today. Be drama free. Rise above the petty stuff”. ~ Trent Shelton

So what is the attraction? Why are we addicted to drama?

When we become addicted to external drama ( drama in other people’s lives ) it distracts us from our own issues. Comparison will often then follow, by way of us comparing our drama to theirs. This can result in us actually then feeling better about ourselves and our lives.

Internal drama exists because of a victim mentality. Stuff is happening TO ME. Poor me. I want your sympathy. This type of drama actually has a temporary benefit of attention.

What happens is that when we seek and receive the sympathy we’re looking for, we connect. Unfortunately, this comes at a price for people who are high maintenance in the drama department because the connection is short-lived.

Sadly, many friendships can and often will drift apart when the tales of woe ( and never anything positive to counteract it ) reach breaking point.

It can be mentally exhausting and physically draining for all concerned and this is usually the point at which one half of the friendship feels they need to pull away from further dramatic situations.

The knock on effect to this is that ultimately, the woeful one suffers even more.

The drama escalates because they start to see others as unkind (when in reality, it was the drama that drove them away!) as opposed to someone who has simply had their own fill of drama for the month.

Eckhart and Oprah share their thoughts on how Drama Free living requires a simple insight:

The good news, in fact no, the exciting news is that you can stop this cycle and begin living a drama free as of this very minute.

Regardless of when (last month, yesterday or 5 minutes ago) you last remember feeling a bit of a drama queen, you can from this moment on choose to begin to live each day happier, more at peace and create lasting connections.

Here are 4 TOP TIP’s to help you or someone you know go about changing your life into a Drama Free Zone!

1. Turn your attention away from the drama.

Whilst this sounds easier said than done, it doesn’t actually take long to master the art of turning your attention away from the drama of life or indeed anything in life.
One of the most powerful ways to learn this is in simple meditation. It is a wonderful tool for reminding you when you’re not living in the present moment. A simple place to find a technique to suit you is offered here.

Do not entertain a dramatic thought. Yes, acknowledge that it’s present but then allow it to move along. You don’t have to try and stop your thoughts and you don’t have to get involved in them either.

Make a conscious effort ( again meditation is an excellent tool here ) to notice when your thoughts become “poor me” or when you start exaggerating something. Or if and when you notice that your interpretation of someone’s behavior has upset you, once you’ve recognized it, you can then ask that thought to move along. You can even visualize each thought as a single scene from a movie. The scene doesn’t last long, until it’s  replaced by another scene. Unless of course you hit the pause button and choose to stay stuck in one scene!

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2. Replace drama with positivity.

Again, this one may sound easier said than done but you can retrain yourself to automatically see the best in people and situations, rather than automatically seeing the worst.

This is important because when you feel miserable or victimized, you become anxious and you may not make the best choices. By contrast when you feel good, your positive attitude influences your actions for a better outcome.

“A great attitude becomes a great mood. Which becomes a great day. Which becomes a great year. Which becomes a great life!”

3. Create a better story.

Consciously stop spreading drama. This means no gossip (juicy or otherwise), no complaining, just encouragement and choosing to opt for a life of positivity.

– Talk about what is going well.

– Talk about goals.

– Talk about the good things people do. Notice the helpers and pull away from drama queens.

4. When things don’t go as expected, it’s good to remember that sometimes our biggest blessings come about instead of what was actually planned!

You will notice that as your life becomes more drama free, happiness and peacefulness will enter.

You will find that you actually get more pleasure and reward from being enthusiastic about your goals and life becomes exciting and interesting in a good way.

A way that makes you feel good about yourself and about the people around you!

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