In our last Blog Post, we talked about those occasions when you may feel agitation or restlessness during or after meditation.
You might remember, I explained that this is not a result of the suppressed emotions but rather the act of resisting emotions that causes the discomfort.

when resisting emotions, here's the drillWell here’s the good news!

Instead of resisting emotions, you can simply welcome, accept and observe any that surface with this easy process inspired by a fire safety drill.

When you’re facing potentially disturbing emotions, it’s like you’re on fire. All you can think about is escaping!

Here’s how you can put out the fire:

1. STOP!
Stop getting involved in the thoughts that create the emotion. Just don’t go there. Period!

Here’s an effective tip for shutting down the mental chatter so as to avoid getting involved when an upsetting thought comes up, try it:

Close your eyes and turn them slightly inward and upward. This simple trick instantly shuts down the inner monologue and helps you avoid thinking about a particularly upsetting subject! If you happen to be meditating and your eyes are already closed, then just turn them slightly inward and upward gently, so as not to strain your eyes, relax, and breathe. You can repeat this trick anytime you need to calm yourself!

Once you have mastered this trick of silencing your thoughts (this helps you feel in control), practice allowing a thought to come up, but “drop” it! Let me explain:

2. DROP!
Drop the thought. If you do have a thought that causes an upsetting emotion, drop it as soon as you become aware of it!

Don’t resist the thought because again, it’s the resistance that actually causes you to become upset. You are safe where you are, whilst thinking about something, even if it upsets you.

Try this:
 Let the thought bubble arise but do not give it any attention. Say to yourself, “I’m having a thought about … (the topic) … Next! ” – as if you were calling out the next thought.
Just don’t give this thought any attention! This will help take your attention away from the content of the thought, to the fact that you are having a thought.
The awareness that you are an observer, having a thought, is soothing and can feel extremely liberating. It’s just a thought. Observe and drop.

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3. ROLL!
Roll with the emotional response to any thought. Remember that an emotional response is an electrochemical process within the brain in response to a thought – so “be with” the emotion, have the full experience (it’s SAFE and believe it or not, trying to help you, if you’ll just pay attention!) and it will pass.

90 seconds or less will give you a chance to experience the emotion and if you stay with the emotion and focus your attention on that experience (for example, what does your physical response to sadness or anger or fear feel like?) it will pass and you’ll feel better.

Unpleasant feelings are just as crucial as the enjoyable ones in helping you make sense of life’s ups and downs.

“Remember, one of the primary reasons we have emotions in the first place is to help us evaluate our experiences,” Adler says.

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As you can see, the solution to resisting is to unemotionally observe any unwanted emotions with unattached curiosity. Don’t try to resist them, just have the brief experience and let them go.

It’s important to know that emotions cannot hurt you because they are only turning your attention back to a memory. They are not the event itself and a past event can’t hurt you now!
Thoughts also cannot hurt you. It’s easy to dive in and give too much attention to upsetting thoughts – however, you don’t have to do that.

You ARE in control, even if you have to practice neutrally observing your thoughts. YOU are in control and don’t need to spend another moment resisting emotions.

Do your best to observe whatever comes up, with great curiosity and indifference.

“Acknowledge how you are feeling without rushing to change your emotional state.
Many people find it helpful to breathe slowly and deeply while learning to tolerate strong feelings or to imagine the feelings as floating clouds, as a reminder that they will pass.

I often tell my clients that a thought is just a thought and a feeling just a feeling, nothing more.”

~ TORI RODRIGUEZ ( writer and psychotherapist )

When you observe anything that does not serve you well, in the state of conscious awareness it simply loses its power to covertly taint your life any longer.

Make resisting emotions a thing of the past and start allowing them ( both positive and negative ) to drive you forward into new and uncharted waters.
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