“Just on rare and special moments may something you do or say make all the difference to someone’s life”
Maya V. Patel

Almost 12 years ago, a very close friend of mine who is clinically deaf said something that made such a difference to my life…

“Michael, your Lifeflow tracks vs. a track with only binaural waves is the equivalent of giving a blind person a book in Braille rather than a standard printed book.”

His words were like music to my ears and I immediately experienced that warm, fuzzy feeling… you know, the kinda feeling you get when you help someone…

Now, twelve years later, Kevin Murphy from Australia (challenged all his life with deafness) created this 3 minute video and I really want to share it with you…

Wow… I’m sure you’ll agree that Kevin’s attitude is simply awesome and it’s wonderful how his perseverance has finally paid off.

Those of us with normal hearing may not be as aware of the effect that sound vibrations in the air have on our bodies as a whole.

Because we focus our attention almost exclusively on those vibrations as they are received through the normal auditory mechanism, but if we tune that out we will often find that we continue to experience the sense of “sound” through our body as a whole.

Here’s what Abbey said about this in the community back in 2007…

“This for me is very true as I tend to hear things other people don’t and feel some sound as vibrations through the body as a result of the hearing.”

Entrainment waves restricted to a set of headphones, such as isolated binaural waves, will impact only our ordinary auditory senses.

Monaural and Isochronics, played out in the open air, however, have the capacity to impact and influence the entire body.

Whether you have hearing difficulties or not, it’s good to know that there are benefits to be enjoyed both with and without headphones.

If you know anyone with hearing difficulties and you want to make a difference to their life, please feel free to share Kevin’s video.

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