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Originally Posted by janeewalker View Post
LifeFlow 7 uses the Schumann frequency (Earth's frequency) of 7.83 Hz. I have read that the SR has increased to around 12 Hz.

How would this affect listening to LifeFlow 7 if SR is no longer 7.83?

I have also read that when the SR reaches 13, the Earth will stop spinning and there will be a pole reversal, then the Earth will start spinning the other way. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Hi Jane,

Where did you hear about it having changed to 12Hz? That would seem like a very large change in a short amount of time, and I think that may have been noticed by a lot of people.

Even if the frequency does change, it won't stop the Earth spinning, that just sounds like some 'new age' nonesense (and I'm not saying all things new age are nonesense, as I trust in a lot of that stuff myself). Yes, there is scientific evidence that the poles will reverse in the future, but it's not going to be in the short term, it more in the 'near future' in astronomical terms, just like the dinousaurs were in the 'near past' compared to the overall age of the Earth.

I suspect you got the information here (after a quick google)...

Untitled Document

A lot of the things Gregg Braden says, whilst interesting, should be taken with an air of scrutiny and further research. One thing that's true about him is he does a good job of selling books.

If the Earth were slowing down as he suggests then we would be noticing the days getting longer. But there are people out there who's job it is to study the length of each day (and they do it using various atomic clocks etc.), and what has been consistent is that some days are a second or two longer than 24 hours and some days are a second or two shorter than 24 hours, which they put down primarily to the shifting weight of the water on the Earths surface due to tidal conditions. However, there's been no evidence of days becoming consistently longer (and hence the Earth slowing).

Also the "Photon Belt" he talks about (Photon belt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) has not been scientifically shown to exist. The belief is a spiritual one, originating around the Pleiades, which sadly is what a lot of new age spiritual beliefs seem to be targetted towards... not sure why.

There's nothing mentioned on Wiki about the schumann resonance changing drastically from 7.83 Hz (just slight variations due to disturbances), and whilst Wiki shouldn't be taken as a definitive evidence, it's typically well researched in such areas.

I think the answer on this other site is quite succinct and explanatory:

Current Schumann Resonance? - Yahoo! Answers

Hope that's of help for you.... and don't believe everything you read on the internet... find it out for yourself.


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