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Discussion in 'Your Suggestions' started by Uplift, May 6, 2011.

  1. Uplift

    Uplift Guest

    Gidday. I noticed a poster's thread which had a link to a site they felt was usefull was was recently removed. I looked at the link, wasn't interested, but the site was at least blunt, and open about the intention. There are also often other comments about unsuitable posts, and links. Which, with all the talk about non attachment, Oneness, non judgement, Spirituality, enlightenment genuinely makes me wonder why the Mind Movies link is deemed more suitable and correct... enlightened. Anyone opening it is instantly entering a doorway to a brazen, deceptive, affiliate marketing blitzkrieg.

    Unless I am mistaken, or just imagining endless emails and lines like,

    'pppssst, I have to share a secret with you (and a zillion other shared email addresses) but don't tell anyone', or

    'I can't remember if I sent this to you, so I just had to be sure (for the umpteenth time), or I wouldn't forgive myself for you missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity', or

    'OMG this is URGENT!!! I haven't much time , and I am rarely so moved by anything so I just had to show you this right now, as you only have till midnight (until next week). Please act quickly, unless you aren't interested in a life of wealth and abundance', and so on and so on and so on and...

    In the latest affiliation push of Rich Man poor Man, Mind Movies suddenly got where they are by hard work and battling, and dads money lessons and conditioning, despite previously having to overcome much conditioning about money, and the use of Mind Movies making the impossible miraculously easy.

    So, why are the others judged so harshly, whilst Mind Movies is held in such sacred esteem?
  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi Uplift, I made a post sometime ago because my daughter had made her own mind movie and I thought it was a great visualisation aid and it was very exciting to see her making some great goals. It was placed in the "Law of Attraction" section. I understood my daughter made this for free though - I could be mistaken. If you don't like their emails can you not simply unsubscribe to them?

    I personally believe this is a wonderful community forum with varied opinions and many people who are happy to give and receive some great advice. Many books are recommended and release techniques from other companies also for people who need them.

    Like many community forums, Project- meditation would be inundated with so much spam including online drugs and porn etc. if it was not looked after. I believe this is a wonderful community of genuinely caring people where many find invaluable help.

    One of the kind community members (Bhavya) posted the following movie about validation within this section which I thought was brilliant - I hope you like it:-


    I wish you much peace and joy :) :) :)
    Last edited: May 8, 2011
  3. Uplift

    Uplift Guest

    Gidday Pollyanna, I have no issue with the Mind Movies product, or marketing, but I do think it is brazenly obvious that they use deception to market, including a plethora of affiliate products, or in reality, they subject anyone who opens their link to endless spam. Interesting that you mention unsubscribing, I have, several times.
    Having opened your link, which instantly, bluntly promises anything you can wish for, easily and miraculously, with no effort, how then would you explain this very recent Mind Movies, chameleon like quote, which just happens to mirror perfectly their latest sales affiliation blitz.
    ‘My success has been the result of
    hard work, dedication and has most certainly had some bumps
    along the road.’
    Today, the old saying ‘They’d sell their own mother’ literally came true when my mailbox contained three Mind Movies emails, all supposedly giving me a thoughtful, kind, Spiritual Mothers day gift, which was in reality just a hook for yet another affiliation blitz, with yet another ‘rare OMG’ moment:
    ‘OMG I am rarely so moved to do this, but this book I am giving my mother for Mothers Day amased me so, so much, that I just had to share it with you’ (that’s just an abbreviated version of the full, comical story)
    And, gee whiz, whatdya know, I had yet another rare, amazing opportunity, on Mothers Day, to guess what, buy something else through Mind Movies.
    Why can Mind Movies deceptive spam, not be classified as spam, and selling, when they constantly push every product under the sun at anyone having contact with them. Yet, many other far less dishonest techniques are harshly judged and dealt with on this site as sales pitches and spam.
    If I am saying anything that Mind Movies is doing that is not true, please point it out. It really does interest me, that somehow me merely, genuinely telling the truth is not in line with site policy and beneficial, yet Mind Movies dishonest tactics are something welcomed.
    Is that really your recommendation then, to, I agree, all the lovely people who use this site. That when you get blitzed by Mind Movies deceptive spam, just unsubscribe?
    All the best.

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