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Love this "Bucket List" story

Discussion in 'The Law Of Attraction' started by pollyanna, May 19, 2015.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Just received the latest Good Life issue and as I'm in my early 60's I love the following new story...

    Here’s an awesome example of how great communication helped Geoff to become a Qualified Helicopter Pilot in his early 60’s…

    "I have a mind that chatters away merrily; probably just like what happens with most of the population around the world. But a high proportion of what goes on up there in my head is ‘filler’ and repetitive stuff – I held hopes that meditation would be a way to still my hyperactive brain and create a calmer me. The LifeFlow soundtrack cut across the inner conversations and automatically created stillness of mind, so that after 20 minutes I was feeling very mellow and happy. Then I’d drift off to sleep for the night, and I invariably woke the next morning with a feeling of wellness and a good flow of positive energy.

    People interacted with me differently – having reduced stress seemed to bring out calmer responses from others, so I became a much better facilitator. I liked what I experienced with LifeFlow in that first week (using the trial sessions), and hence I organised to receive all the levels; and I’ve been delighted with my exposure to brain entrainment. The doubt that I’d held, of never been able to meditate because my brain was buzzing too much, was dispelled very quickly. LifeFlow is easy to engage with. Unlike the other product that I tried, no special equipment is needed.

    The big test of LifeFlow for me was when I made the decision to pursue my ‘Bucket List’ goal of becoming a qualified helicopter pilot. This had been a dream for decades, but circumstances and a busy life meant that I didn’t get around to it. I finally made the decision in my early 60s that it was going to be then or not at all – if I delayed it any longer, I would be decreasingly likely to meet the stringent medical standards required. It is an extremely uncommon thing for someone in their 60s who has never been a pilot before, to start training to fly helicopters. And it’s tough – it requires considerable concentration and calmness, and an uncluttered mind to remember the long commands issued by the tower controllers. When I did LifeFlow before my lesson, I sailed through – the feedback from the instructors was that I appeared calm and ‘in control’. Not only did I gain a full qualification to fly solo in the small training helicopter, I have since moved on to become licensed in the much larger commercial aircraft that carry 5 passengers. I don’t believe that I would have achieved that without LifeFlow.

    The other part of what I hoped for with LifeFlow was that the customer service would be good and help me if needed i.e. that there would be supportive people to help with the after-sales aspect, rather than give full emphasis to the commercial front-end. I’ve found LifeFlow to be highly responsive to the few queries that I’ve had. The turnaround time on the helpdesk has been quick, and the answers have addressed my requirements specifically, not just referred me to the FAQs section. I’m happy that I’m with LifeFlow."
    Geoff Hopkins - Victoria, Australia

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