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In at the deep end

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by badtrooper, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Balaam

    Balaam Member

    Dec 14, 2007
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    Heres what i am finding to be of great help to tackling a problem like yours. every morning get onto a bodyball and do some basic exercises. head to toe.takes abou 15 minutes and youll feel better for it. get a big sheet of paper and draw a mind map. keep adding to it, memories and whatever comes in your mind that connects to unnerve and feed your inner fear and insecurity. you will see patterns form. if you doint know about mind maps then read up on them. they are an effective means to seek solutions and recognise the healthy order of things. also, diet. four meals a day with plenty of omega3 oils to feed the brain. i have a salad and mackeral, or sardines. i just chop everything up and add lemon juice, honey, bit of mustard and walnut oil. walnuts are a help for depression/mental illness. have a wall calendar and mark in any meetings with therapists or doctor or so on. get daily rythme into your life so that the body starts to adapt like the tic tic ticking on a clock but dont be hard on yourself if you fail to meet times or dont stick to it. it takes time to pick up the routine but you will. it will come naturally. a daily routine is important for a body and mind to heal.

    for self help reading id suggest books by Beverly Engel. she knows her stuff. the books are simple but practical and she is one who understands and is contributing to helping others in a big way. dont be ashamed to take a mood balancing drug as you approach self help because it takes the edge off enough that you are able to tackle your problem head on and not be plagued by the physical symptoms. i took a battering but am doing exactly what i have expressed here to self help and i feel the benefits.

    also, find a little cafe to hang out in when you dont want to be alone but dont drink caffeine. aim for something helathier. at times like this your mind and body are a spongue so be careful what you read, what you watch(ie films) and what you eat.

    youll be okay
    youll be okay because you will make yourself okay

    best wishes from Balaam
  2. badtrooper

    badtrooper Guest

    Yes - routine helps, and having things to do, I've found. I'm trying to do my meditation at a regular time.

    My appetite's bad at present and things don't taste as they should. That's good in a way, as I can afford to lose some pounds anyway.:)

    I'm having a lousy couple of days at present, for a number of reasons. My medication's giving me hangover symptoms, I'm waiting for return emails that haven't arrived yet, and I'm missing my wife.:( And then there's Christmas....

    As well as The Power Of Now, I'm also reading Paul Gilbert's Overcoming Depression, which discusses CBT. Again, I think that both books try to acheive the same aims, but from different directions.
  3. Bhavya

    Bhavya Member

    Aug 14, 2008
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    I hope everything works well for you, Trooper and that you'll return to this forum and Lifeflow when the time is right for you. I don't imagine that you'll have much opportunity for formal meditation, but perhaps I'm wrong. At any rate I hope you'll remember your spiritual side.
    Stay safe

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