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I want to create a Danish version of Project Meditation!

Discussion in 'Your Suggestions' started by Gutte, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Gutte

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Dear all, I am seeking to get the power back to the people in Denmark - inlight them and try to get on the right road for the people of earth.

    Thereby i have started a new parti din Denmark, named The Flower Parti!

    Thereby i want the people of Denmark to have the chance of getting to learn meditation. I have no money, and only want meditation to get out for the people that could have the interest in trying. Your project may be the best thing to quickly learn this kind of thing.

    This I want to give to the Danish people, this is one of the parti's subjects!

    So im asking you, will you give me the permission to do this, and of course give you full credit of the program?

    Im am concerned about the people of this earth, and i want to help them out.

    If you want to understand this parti, think how Ron Paul has gone trough with he's ideas becouse of the internet. My new Parti has alot of subjekt that is not looked on in the puplic media - I want to change that.

    I want our soldiers to come home, I want peace with the middel east, I want to give my futere a better chance - not wars, and surely not a new world war! I want my country to be the moral in the world as it used to be, today we just follow the big country's!

    My parti is pretty new at the moment, but it is growing each day, and that - I can thank the world wide web.

    Let me hear from you :)

    Dearly Regards Gutte - Flower Parti Creator.
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