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Hoping to be free now

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by PKfree, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. PKfree

    PKfree New Member

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Hi everyone.
    I'm 29 years old male living in Canada, and I practice engineering for living.
    I have heard / seen about meditation and its benefits on countless occasions because my mother has been doing it for quiet some time now, and she always tried to persuade me to join, read some books about it etc.
    I always told her "Ma, maybe someday in future but not now, I am busy enough living my regular life", and the books she had mailed to my apartment has piled up in the corner gathering dusts.
    But I knew I had some level of anxiety building up on me especially when I graduated school and started working/living alone 3 years ago.
    I had fears about job and my position, MONEY, relationship with girlfriend, relationship my brother who is out of country etc.
    But I always thought that it was 'normal' to be worrying about those things.

    Then recently about 2 weeks ago, I purchased a new vehicle that is somewhat out of my league (a European sedan). It is something that I always wanted, and felt like I have the funds and security to purchase this and maintain it so I pulled the trigger.
    After about a week, instead of being happy and enjoying this beautiful ride, I found myself worrying about payments, maintenance fees, fuel costs, savings going forward etc.
    Basically my joy and fun-factor has been completely over shadowed by these worries.
    I was very upset and wanted to break out of this, but I wasn't able to.

    That's when the voice of my mom came to my ears, and I realized I should Meditate.
    I've told my mom that I'm starting the journey, and I'll start by reading the books she had sent me (weekend task).
    Amazingly, just by making up my mind to meditate has made me feel better already.
    My mom even sent me a text message saying "Congratulations son, you are a step closer to being free".

    I really look forward to this journey, and all the help I can get from fellow mediators.
  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Welcome to the community :)

    You can download the free "Discover Meditation" from the top left of the community. It is simple and has helped so many here. It also incorpor√Ętes a special gratitude exercise that I believe you will enjoy.

    Here are a couple of links that will be of help:-



    Look forward to hearing how you progress and wish you much peace and joy :) :) :)

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