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  1. Cliffasaurus

    Cliffasaurus Member

    Aug 29, 2013
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    Hello all,

    I'm hoping to find some peace in my hectic life and meditation seems to be a natural choice.

    I'm 44, live in Liverpool UK and work on emergency ambulances.

    For many years now I have struggled with stress of a busy life; work, family and other committments. I don't seem to have any "me time".

    I do a fair bit of charity work as a volunteer welfare officer and I have lots of positive things going on with some of the best people I can call friends.

    However, no matter how much good stuff I'm involved with, so many days end up in the bottom of another empty whisky bottle and I'm sick of using alcohol to help me to sleep. Now, I'm not after sympathy nor advice about going to my GP etc.... Nope, I'm looking for an alternative and hopefully this site might help me find that alternative.

    I have always been envious of the amazing peaceful, calm inner selves that some people just have. Buddhists seem to ooze tranquility, and I'd like a slice of that please.

    So, that's me folks. I look forward to learning to change. :cool:

  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi Cliff and welcome to the community :)

    you can download the "Discover Meditation" free course from the top of the community. That's the way I finally mastered meditation along with LifeFlow.

    Sounds like alcohol is your coping mechanism with such a busy and stressful life. You could also download the LifeFlow Demo and play at night to help you sleep. You must not loop it though because you don't want it to interfere with your natural sleep cycle.

    Here's what a couple of members posted with regards to sleep and alcohol:-



    Look forward to hearing how you progress and wish you much peace and joy :) :) :)

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