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First experiences and impressions

Discussion in 'Project Meditation - Success Stories' started by yion, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. yion

    yion Member

    Nov 3, 2009
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    Hello all,

    I thought I should try to get into this community thing. I am used to writing indepth emails but not to people I don't know. Here goes.

    I have just finished with the fourth CD and can only say that I have so far enjoyed all the meditation experiences very much. I know that sounds a bit nebulous so I will expand . . . a little. My first meditation experience (with CD #2) was uneventful but quite satisfying. I felt relaxed, didn't have to fight (shouldn't anyway) with many intruding thoughts and things were cool. Then the gratitude/visualization exercise came along and I decided to try it out. Well, THAT was eventful. It was . . . overbrimming. I have done gratitude exercises before but never managed to feel THIS grateful. Perhaps because I had somehow reached that state of almost alpha waves where you are extra open and creative, I managed to also come up with some pretty inspiring visualizations that just flowed from the gratitude. Really earth moving stuff!

    The second meditation session with CD #3 was also relatively uneventful. Only this time there were even less extraneous thoughts popping into my meditating mind. Neat, I thought afterwards. The gratitude exercises continued to be really satisfying. Then later on in the day as I was driving through some enchanting autumnal beech woods, I just couldn't help but appreciate them ever so much more. I was really driving along with a big silly grin on my face!:D Now I have always appreciated fall colors and woods (grew up--later years--in the woods), so it isn't unusual for me to be noticing these things while others might be just rushing off to their appointments hardly registering that they are driving through a wood at all. BUT this was somehow a tick MORE. I slowed down my car--luckily no one was driving behind me--and tried to stay in the woods longer. Too bad there was no opportunity to pull aside, it was all truly soooo magical. The light, the colors, the cool air (even though I was sitting in my car) . . . just grand!

    This morning I finished the last CD. I can only say that this has definitely been worth every second I have put into it. I don't find it hard to put the time aside to do this at all. Of course I understand that I have been lucky enough to be able to choose a life that is less hectic than most. I just want to encourage those who have it harder to put the time aside. It is sooo worth it, you are sooo worth it.

    Anyway, I wanted to report about my experiences as they are slightly different. Not being spectactular during the meditations but showing results afterwards. So if you don't feel much during the meditation itself, don't be discouraged at all.

    Now I am going to pop off to another forum and ask some questions. I hope my report has been encouraging to some of you. I wish you enriching and expanding meditating!

    Warmest regards,
  2. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hi Yi and welcome to the community.

    What a wonderful story. It really cheers the spirit to hear how people are discovering the benefits of meditation.

    All I can say is, stick with it, it can only get better. ;)



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