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Emotional stuck?

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by Panthau, May 3, 2011.

  1. Panthau

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    "The Journey"

    Hi there,

    Want to share this with you, as it works for me. LF often brings up emotional packages, and i never really had a tool to work with it. EFT kind of works for the moment, but doesnt release the big fat boulder for me. So i ran around with feelings of anxiety and nervousness, which came up through meditation, for days or weeks until they final released themself through a dream or other means. Im especially handicapped in this context, as i dont had useful means to access my emotions. I mostly tried through music and sad film scenes.

    With this tool, i can now actively release these emotions in a timeframe of 1-2hours. This is not meant as an advertising, but i guess some of you might find this one useful.

    In fact its nothing new, its mainly a practice from NLP, called Timeline, with a spiritual touch. The author is Brandon Bays, and you can find the technique in her book.

    This journey into your emotions is meant to be made with a second person, but can also be done alone. I did it alone with the cds, and i never had in my adult life such a deep journey into myself.

    Thanks for reading,
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