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Centerpoint :(

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by IceSphere, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. IceSphere

    IceSphere Guest

    First post... 2nd day of Lifeflow 7.
    The problem is I found, & ordered Centerpoint first... That mile long web page is just too much the same as every web page I've ever been burned and ripped-off by... but the free smaple seemed to work, so I went for it.

    A few days into the sample (a little insight), I knew the first $160.00 was not going to be all... Bill was hiding something from me..?

    Anyway, I googled (late than never?), and found Lifeflow... with a better sample.

    I wasn't even going to open the Centerpoint box... but Bill sounds like such a nice guy (I bet he is, and just letting somebody else do the money thing). So I looked through the box, but didn't open anything not opened.

    I found posts here from people that don't like Centerpoint, but I need to know if Bill is going to try and rip me off when I send it back... Like say he got the box but it was empyt..? Or tell me "How can you say it didn't work if you didn't try it, and you should have kept the box".

    Thanks for any reply.
  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi there Icephere and welcome to the community. Here's a link to what one of his ex-customers has to say regarding the product, the price and the on- going support:-


    I understand that you can get a refund on the first level only (not sure of the terms of conditions though)

    Maybe check with their support and see how helpful they are with you.

    Finding the best of anything (product, support system, doctor or type of alternative therapy) can be like finding a needle in a haystack on or offline. That's what I have found in the last half of my 56 years.

    All I would recommend is when you find one, hang on to it and don't lose it.

    I could tell you all the tremendous benefits I have gained through the LifeFlow system, how genuine and kind Michael Mackenzie and the support staff are, however, only you can make your own important decision. I wish you an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)
  3. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Dec 15, 2007
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    I seriously doubt that the Centerpoint institute will try and pull something like that.

    The posts made here concerning the Centerpoint Institute have never had a tone in them saying that they are rip-offs or whatever.

    The only thing that frequently comes up is their somewhat agressive salestechniques ( expect a "personal mail" soon with a "bribe" ), and serious doubts concerning the need for "ramping" the entrainment as they seem to think is needed.
    Oh and the fact that with Centerpointe, you can keep on paying and paying and paying and paying, and the productflow never seems to stop. The prices could be lower as well...

    And here I am trying to stay positive :p
  4. Coenrad Morgan

    Coenrad Morgan Member

    Oct 18, 2008
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    Hello Icesphere,

    I want to add to what Pollyanna said regarding the whole package. Jodie, Michael and the crew that pop in and out are diligent and quick to respond to all sorts of requests related to the product, shipping, costs, refunds etc, then they are equally diligent here in the forum, they don't avoid customer issues and you will find their posts advising that something is being done mixed in all over the forum.

    As for the rest of us, like you, we are users of the product and many spend a considerable amount of time assisting others, that alone says something about the product, why bother hanging around here posting given the mass of other forums out there, simply put its a good, good product, backed up by sincerity and focus from design straight through to support.

    Much gets discussed here, as a matter of fact some of it isnt directly meditation related yet there is this acceptance that meditation is attractive to people for a given reason, and that that reason merits discussion as much as meditation does. Just today I got assistance from a fellow member related to a Buddhist practice he has experience in, something I am most grateful for, never have i seen the staff trying to keep the discussions purely LIFE FLOW orientated, they don't have to even if they wanted to, the rest of us are very enthusiastic about the product. We even get the odd free release like "midnight train" recently.

    There are an abundance of solutions here and very few problems and even those don't last long.

    As Pollyanna says, getting something is one thing, finding the right combination of product, service and support is quite another, the PM crew really walk the talk, as I hope you will come to realize for yourself in the near future; as for the sense of community.....no product purchase necessary to play with myself and 1000's of weird and wonderful animals in this zoo :D as far as I can recall from my own search, the other vendors require product purchase to register for "the inner circle" type forums.

    I hope this assists in addressing some of your concerns, the link Pollyanna provided will further inform you, the rest is up to your own judgement, but always best to talk to their support staff related to your current difficulty and how best to resolve it.

    Most Sincerely
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
  5. Still Waters

    Still Waters Member

    Jan 16, 2009
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    I have listened to Bill, read some of his work and used the first level of holysinc, I believe he is a genuine guy and seems to be well respected in the personal development field.

    He is a business man though - nothing wrong with that, and would appear to have a different approach to business than Michael. Although his marketing appears to be a little aggressive and his products over-priced there is no evidence that he is shady, in fact quite the contrary,and having learned a few things from him, I am quite sure he would not do the dirty on anyone.

    For me LifeFlow made much more economic sense and a year down the line I have proved to myself that it was the correct decision. There is certainly room for both systems in the market :)

  6. Itlandm

    Itlandm Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    I read a lot about Holosync online when I first started using it. (This research was how I came across Project Meditation, by the way.) At that time, less than a year ago, Centerpointe was well respected for honoring their money-back guarantee. One small point: If you buy the next level (and they sent me a lot of letters to encourage that) you can no longer get your money back. This should not be a problem for you though.

    I would probably still have used Holosync if I had not come across this LifeFlow. Although I doubt I would have bought the next level, since I strongly dislike affirmations, and since I have zero faith in their theory of ever lower carrier frequencies. But the first level was not half bad. I switched mainly because of the forum here. A much better man than me once said that one should judge a tree by its fruit. That made the choice pretty easy for me.
  7. IceSphere

    IceSphere Guest

    Wow... where am I, oh Meditation Chatter Box. Sorry about that, I started thinking right after I posted "I don't really need help with Life Flow (just the money I sent to Centerpoint)". I hate that & hope it changes soon...

    But really, wow, and thanks for all the reassurance... forewarned is... um, still out almost $200 if this turns sour, but that's stress I don't need to live with anymore... Thanks Again.

    Any "Chatter Box" type thoughts on the price..? I get that- if your mind isn't ready for the program you could end up worse then when you started... or just enough rope to really mess things up. And if there are advanced "Yin" benefits, there has to be "Yang". So you can't just put it on the web for everybody...

    But at least 2 things seem to be missing. A weaponized form, and a constitutionalized form...

    Like mass think tanks for being the "Super Power"... If there are any, I think they went with the other program.

    And then, the reason I use Life Flow (a few years too early..?), I am home schooling my 8yr old. I bought the program for him (then found the post about his brain might not have parts that need to be synced yet, AFTER the purchase, but still)... and that part about "They download from us" is way too true (the bonus tracks did help him right off the bat). So it should be part of some school curriculum.

    Just seems like if I can figure that out, the guys stuck in the think tanks should be able to.

    But then again, there will always be this splinter mind, the very reason I home school, what was Columbine all about..?

    You can tell I really need those gama tracks huh...

    Hey... is anybody else getting this- some places, times, and people will just make you start to zone-out, then people around you will zone-out with you.

    Like I'm in the bank waiting for a receipt, and the teller (those people get good grades in school, right..?) can't spell the name of the street I live on. Well I'm zooning so she has to look it up and is all mad at both of us. One girl wasn't going to give-up my receipt, like it was cash or something.

    Or, I'm on the bus and the driver has to think of some way to make a "U" turn 'cause he forgot where he was going (we have a lot of one way streets, and he was really late).

    The best one was a bus I was looking for stopped at a stop it never should have been at... "I didn't know this bus stopped here", all she would say is "I don't".

    Over a year this might not be a big deal, all that happened last month.
  8. Scott_11:11

    Scott_11:11 Member

    Jul 23, 2008
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    So if I understand your issue, you bought the first level of Holosync, and then found LifeFlow, and now want to send it back and are wondering if you'll get your money back?

    I found Holosync first. Used the first level, which was Awakening Prologue, for about 8 months I think. Opened all the CDs, including the extras Making Change Easy and ... I think it was the Healing one. Read the free book he included, ripped the CDs to my computer to listen to. I then decided I wasn't going to continue with Holosync, found Lifeflow, and decided to send it back. No questions asked. Got my refund, which paid for the first few levels of Lifeflow and got to keep the 2 bonus CDs and the book. So I wouldn't worry about it.

    Bill's a business man but he's not a scammer.

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