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Brainwave entrainment

Discussion in 'Project Meditation - Success Stories' started by pollyanna, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Brainwave entrainment and meditation was something I understood very little about three years ago when I met Michael Mackenzie. For years I had tried, unsuccessfully to meditate. I had also been using some other entrainment C.D.'s with headphones for about eighteen months and although they made me feel strange at first, I didn't notice any difference in my daily life.

    Then along came Michael, LifeFlow and the rest is history - getting stressed out with work and the challenges of life is a thing of the past - the pressure of trying to juggle family life and work played havoc with tension in my neck and shoulders, causing severe headaches and lack of sleep many nights.

    My ego was a reactor and I actually thought I was easy going at that time :eek:

    As I went through the LifeFlow levels, I gradually noticed the wonderful feeling of not feeling stressed and not reacting to incidents in the same way I had done - at some point I began sleeping really well again which was such a relief and my shoulders felt as though I had shrugged the weight of the world off them :)

    My life has no resemblance after three years to what it used to be like and it truly feels like heaven - everything just seems balanced and simple and the greatest thing I have learned to do is "deal with the current moment"

    Re-reading the following thread earlier today has prompted me to share with you how my mental, physical and spiritual state has changed so dramatically through regular meditation and LifeFlow.


    Life is just as busy as it was, challenges present themselves just the same as they used to do, the difference is I now understand how to create healthy mental states.

    And now, added to my box of tricks is Classical Magic!! Thankyou Michael, I am deeply grateful and I wish you and everyone here an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)

    P.S. Now I truly understand why scientists are so excited about brainwave entrainment

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