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Affirmations for attracting Wealth and Abundance

Discussion in 'The Law Of Attraction' started by jessicasilverman, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Here are some great affirmations that you can use right away! enjoy

    I am open to receiving all that is mine by divine right, now flowing my way quickly, under grace and in miraculous ways. I look with wonder all of my abundance!

    I am an eternal spiritual being having an abundant and prosperous human experience.

    I choose to feel good, attracting into my life the manifestation of my desires.

    I love all lessons that I am given and I am grateful for my experiences.

    I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in all aspects of my life as I easily manifest all that I desire.

    All doors now open for happy surprises and the Divine Plan of my life is speeded up under grace.

    I now attract to me quality, motivated people who make a positive decision to join me in my business endeavor immediately today.

    Worrying is like saying little prayers for things you don't want.

    Money is energy and it is here to serve me. Having money allows me to serve others. I attract and magnetize to me all that I require and all that I desire under grace and in a perfect way.

    I am thankful for the wealth and abundance we are able to create together for our mutual good.

    I deny debt. There is no debt in divine mind, therefore, I owe no man anything. All obligations are now wiped out under grace and in a miraculous way.

    I bless my checkbook and each check I write. I give thanks that the money going out is now coming back into my bank account tenfold. I give thanks that my bank account is filling up rapidly with money.

    I give and receive love freely and generously as I am blessed with meaningful, lifelong relationships and cherished memories that bring me joy in happy times and strength and peace in difficult times.

    I practice gratitude which lifts and inspires me as I recognize and appreciate all that empowers me to find and express true joy.

    There is no fear in me. Prosperity is mine. God provides lavishly for me and all of humanity.

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