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528 HZ Frequency for healing

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by mitchelljj, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. mitchelljj

    mitchelljj Member

    Aug 29, 2008
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    Does anyone have any comments on the 528 HZ Frequency for healing?
  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi Mitchell,

    have not heard anything about this personally - still, here's a link to the various brainwave states and how to gain maximum benefits from them...


    Here's some sound advice and a link I have copied for you that may also be of help to you...

    "Part of the problem is the proliferation of utter nonsense about entrainment one can read all over the internet. There is one site in particular that comes to mind, and the contents of that site are often copied by other websites. It is a list of Hz frequencies with their corresponding (alleged) physical effects. The list runs on for many pages. I won’t bother with the link because you can Google it and find it for yourself if you feel the need for a good laugh, but here are some examples from this site:

    3.07 Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis)
    3.6 (a remedy for) anger & irritability
    3.84 Associated with ovaries (Effects=vitality, life at every level)
    4.11 Associated with kidneys (Effects=strength)
    4.6 Associated with spleen & blood (Effects=Emotional Impulse)
    5.35 Associated with lungs (Effects=Oxygen, Heat)
    6.26-6.6 Hemispheric desync, confusion, anxiety, low Reaction Time, depression insomnia
    6.88 Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability)
    9.41 Pyramid frequency (outside)
    10.3 Associated With Nasal Passages (Effects=breathing, taste)

    These are just a few examples. This silly list literally goes on for pages and pages, and it is pure hogwash almost without exception. Unfortunately there are many people dealing with personal problems that read nonsense like this and want very badly for it to be true. Perhaps they don’t believe every word, but they believe or hope that at least some of it is accurate information. These hopes and beliefs contribute to the generation of false expectations, so that when listening to an entrainment frequency of 10.3Hz doesn’t clear up their stuffy sinuses they conclude entrainment doesn’t work. The digestion of such foolishness is an impediment to realizing the true value of entrainment.

    Michael posted a nice, short chart of the various brainwave ranges and the types of effects they generally have and what sorts of activities they may be able to enhance. There simply is nothing more detailed than what this chart contains about entrainment frequencies and what they are useful for. These elaborate lists to be found on the internet are nothing but the product of overactive imaginations.

    When people begin to believe these kinds of claims it is only half a step further for them to begin to attribute all of their own curious little experiences to entrainment. After all, they reason in the back of their minds, if 3.84Hz can cure an ovarian cyst, isn’t it just as reasonable that listening to a track at 8Hz might cause the room to appear to spin and change colors? There is an old saying that suggests that the more outrageous a claim is, the more people will be inclined to believe it. Don’t fall for outrageous, ridiculous claims. If you do you're heading for disappointment, guaranteed..."
    to continue reading please click on the following link...


    Hope this helps and wish you an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)

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