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Michael Mackenzie (Offline)
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Default The Fast-Track to project meditation success!

The Fast-Track to project meditation success!

Supposing you and a friend were physically unfit and overweight.

You employed a personal trainer who made nutritional healthy meals for you, supplied you with a home gym and a personal workout plan. He was always on hand to motivate and advise you when to step up your program.

Your friend however decided to go on a crash diet and run a mile a day because she wanted to loose weight fast. Who do you think would enjoy and achieve the most beneficial results?

I'm sure you agree it would be you.

I use this example because most of us understand about getting physically fit but many people do not understand how to achieve real lasting benefits through meditation.

I have developed this fast track, easy to follow plan which will teach you to meditate within 24 hours.


Whether people have meditated before or are just beginning, I strongly advise listening to 'Discover Meditation' before dramatically speeding up the meditation process with LifeFlow audio technology.

Discover Meditation consists of 4 compact disks:-

(you don't need to play them all on the same day)

CD.1 can be played immediately.

- Simply listen for only 20 minutes and learn why it is important to prepare to meditate, how to gain the most benefits and some very important guidelines.


- Listen to important instructions for 3 minutes.
- Breath deeply for 1 minute.
- Guided 5 minute meditation which I will talk you through and explain why you need to take two minutes to come out of meditation to gain greater benefits.
- Another guided 10 minute meditation.
- Optional gratitude exercise which I strongly recommend. 7 minutes



Track 1

- Brief discussion to help you understand how you felt whilst
meditating for 2 to 3 minutes.

Track 2

- 10 minute meditation session.
- Gratitude exercise for 7 minutes.


Track 1

- A 4 minute discussion about your meditation session and what to do if you get interrupted.

Track 2

- 5 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 5 minute meditation.

Track 3

- 10 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 10 minute meditation.

Track 4

- 20 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 20 minute meditation.

As you can see, 'Discover Meditation' takes so little of your daily time, it is a simple, practical and very effective course.

Within a few brief meditation sessions you will know how to meditate correctly.

I am committed to helping you to learn how to meditate. I want to be your personal meditation trainer, always on hand to motivate and advise you when to step up your program.

All you need to do is press play and listen to C.D.1

When you feel comfortable with meditation, you will be ready to dramatically speed up the process with LifeFlow. (this maybe within 2 or 3 days)

Here’s what you do now:-

When you practice your traditional meditation, you should also listen to the free demo CD of LifeFlow meditation technology. You can download this track by clicking here.

Continue doing everything you have learned so far, breathing deeply and becoming comfortable, thinking your mantra etc. The only difference will be that you will do this while you listen to LifeFlow meditation technology.

You can listen with and without headphones and I recommend you try both ways eventually. Initially I recommend you to use stereo headphones to get the best results.

Check out the community and see for yourself how others are progressing. Many people have commented and posted on here that using LifeFlow makes their daily meditation session something they really look forward to rather than being a chore.

Click here to download your FREE discover meditation course.

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