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Ramai (Offline)
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Default I Am That I Am


Quiet yourself
Be still and know I Am
I AM that speaks and I AM that listens
BE still and feel that warmth of love
of joy and harmony that comes from the I AM

I AM all that there is to know
I AM the One and the All
called by so many names

I AM in your Mind for I think through you
I Am in your heart for I feel for you
Be still. Let me now fill your life with peace, prosperity
for all your days to come
Think of your I AM now for it gently soothes your

I AM flowing down to all the muscles of your body,
giving you life, giving you strength
I AM the force that you feel right now for I AM you
when you say I AM

I surround you, enfold you
I AM within you always
listen now and be at peace
My life is your life,
for there is only Me
Your mind is my mind for the thinking
Your body is my temple, I AM within
Worship now in the altar of your heart,
the Living Flame of my image,
A perfect picture of Myself

Be still and let me whisper to you the secrets of the ages:
I AM all things that live and grow,
Great and small

I AM all the plants, the flowers,
the sun, the sky and the moon-
There is none else but I

I AM the words to every song and tune,
Every book ever written, I am the Author

I am Nature
All your prosperity, your wealth,
abundance and supply
comes from me
I AM the earth that keeps your feet
firmly rooted on the soil
I AM within you

Remove your doubts, your cares, your worries for I
always take care of my own
For am I not you?
Feel me through your skin
Allow me to radiate through the beauty of your face
Feel the beating now of my own heart
which is your heart

I AM your wisdom,
I AM all things to you
I AM the person special in your life
Look with eyes of Love And see me the Perfect One

I enjoy life through you
I AM the sunset
All the colors that take your breath away

I AM the glow of the moon
I AM the rain and the wind
that blows through your hair

I AM the mountains, the land and the sea.
IAM above, I AM below,
I AM the dark and the Light of day
I have placed these things
that all men may enjoy the different shades and colors of Me

Be still. I AM Beauty in your life
Dwell often on Joy, Peace and Harmony
My thoughts are thoughts of Goodness,
Godliness, Creativity
I speak to you now
Incline your ear
that you may never wander from my voice
You have learned my ways-
know the secret ways of love
To give, to receive, and to regive once more
To bring to all my other selves
the gift of Myself I give to you

Open the doors of your mind
and swing open the portals of your soul;
accept from me all I have to give
Believe in yourself, have confidence and
be assured that all your coming days
shall be filled with life and laughter
and wherever you are,
Love is there

Be still. I Am the God of All
known by so many names
I AM all that there is

I AM the Self identified as you
Feel my invisible hand in yours
Allow me to lead you to the path
that is just right for you

I shall give you a person, a thing
which shall make your heart sing
And then you shall know
that I AM God
And you shall bow in the spirit of
Humility and know
that I AM the Almighty One
spoken of, down through the ages

I prepare for you a feast
Laden with all the desires of your heart
Take what is yours by Divine Inheritance
Love, if you desire
Money for greater enjoyment
Perfect Self-expression to make you grow
All these things are for you

Love and bless yourself
For I AM doing it through you
I AM wonderful for I AM you
I AM pleased with you
You have never failed me

Feel me the God in you as you
In every part of you now
Be still. be at peace
I AM the ALL. We walk together. Be still and know

Be still and know I AM the ONE

Written by:
- Ms. Charley Barretto/Concepts and Contemplations (Science of The Mind and Man)
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