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Old May 8th, 2012, 14:50   #1 (permalink)
RickiPaddon (Offline)
Join Date: Nov 2011
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Default Can I skip straight to Lifeflow 1?

Hi all,

I've been using Lifeflow since November '11 and obviously started off with Lifeflow 10 and currently on Lifeflow 7.. I've noticed no improvement up to now, I'm still in the Beta range and controlled by fear, stress and anxiety.
I'm currently reading the Power of Now for the third time and observing my thoughts as often as possible, I do get distracted at work when a thought comes in and it leads me astray.

My usual meditation is 40minutes in the morning and 20minutes just before bed. I use the mantra "The past is in the past, there is only the present moment and it is beautiful" used from 'At Hell's Gate' by Claude Anshin Thomas. During the process I observe the thoughts that be and allow my mind to repeat the mantra back to me, is this the correct thing to do?

I came across Lifeflow by picking up the Power of Now in a bookshop in Primrose Hill, London. By chance, of course not! Prior to trying to obtain the spiritual path of truth I've lived a dark life of drug and alcohol abuse, petty crime and violence; I know we all go through these bad periods for spiritual development.. I've depleted serotonin and dopamine levels, and currently suffering with disease; fatty liver - due to my drug and alcohol abuse. Nobody knows about this apart from you people I'm sharing with on here.
I just want to shift consciousness fully in to being asap but perhaps spiritual awakening is a process and shouldn't be rushed?

The first time I used Lifeflow I didn't listen to the instruction disc provided and just listened to lifelow 1 for half an hour, I was relaxed all day. I didn't meditate with it, just listened to the disc on my laptop with headphones. I've just meditated with Lifeflow 1 for 20mins as I don't want to overdo it and I feel all round relaxed, something that I haven't experienced on any other level that I've meditated with; I'm yet to try the Gamma discs Nirvana and Awaken for obvious reasons.

I don't want to rush things on as I'm fully aware that nothing hurried is ever good for anyone... However, like many on here I'm controlled by depression, fear, anxiety, stress etc and just want peace asap, free of all the static my mind produces.

I suppose the path of enlightenment is long and slow, for some a lifetime but right this moment in the big illusion of time I'm not enjoying anything. I'm the cause of my own suffering, well my ego is but I think I'm trying to hard to change. There's days of suicidal depression, there's days where I just don't want to do anything because I'm scared... But through all that I do my utmost to put a smile on other's people's faces and make them laugh

All I'm looking for in the kindness of you people that are already there is some inspiration and advice of what to do. Shall I start from Lifeflow 10 and meditate different? I really want to conquer all the different brainwaves, I'm only a master of Beta unfortunately haha

Thankyou if you read right to the bottom, if you didn't I blame you! haha

Thanks in advance for any answers
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