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Default Passive or even accidental meditation/transcendence?

s there such a thing as accidental or passive meditation? I only ask because today I had a very strange thing happen to me and I wasn't in what I felt was receptive state of being. The experience wasn't unpleasant in any way, but it hit me like a ton of bricks and it just happened out the blue.

What happened was that I was just riding around in the back of my friends car when all of the sudden I became aware that I was transfixed on the necklace hanging from his rear view mirror. It's a silly Halloween "pimp" necklace. It was gold cross and had a shiny gold bead in the middle. It was at the center of my vision and I couldn't stop looking at it for me it was the center of the universe and it wasn't just a necklace. It was a glowing golden orb that gave me a feeling of total peace and contentment. But also it DEMANDED my attention.

It feels like, everything and nothing all at once. But its more than that. It wasn't just visual or cerebral. I had a physical response, i felt a pulling to this.... Thing.

It was all of me, every part. I was to become part of the I dunno, energy or light of the universe. I could barely speak and had to fight to not continue to stare into it

It's like my whole body was tingling/buzzing and I felt like I was going to be pulled inside out with the force of a million orgasms and if it went on long enough I was going to disappear or explode into a golden mist of energy. All my focus was on that orb, I couldn't articulate words and from my point of view time had began to dilate and slow down. It was then I had a realization. Reality is a flexible membrane, currently its down and and that is in the "pain and suffering" position. By using this orb or what ever I am able to press on it, and flip the universe to the " heroin birthday cake super orgy golden bliss" reality.

It was more than just a moment, it felt like it was an action. That what I had found is a way TO something else, the next level. I was given the keys to the Universe but I don't know where the door is I guess.

It got very overwhelming, so much so that I pulled the rear view mirror down and hid the necklace in the glove compartment. I still had the same feeling but as time passed it diminished but I had a drive to go back and sit in the car and just FEEL this thing.

What is strange (more strange?) is that I have experienced these same feelings before with very similar conditions. About a year ago I was sitting in my chair with my door open and the brass knob was in the same relative spot in my field of vision and this was when I had this experience for the first time. It freaked me out, but was really fried my brain was that I was able to go back and replicate the feeling again just by sitting in the chair and making sure the doorknob was in the same spot again.

I know it sounds crazy but this was the most real, intense and personal experiences I've ever had and I am going to try and replicate this again tomorrow.

Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen?
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