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Aye777 (Offline)
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Question How to use Lifeflow?

I am beginning LifeFlow 10, and I want to know to use it.

Should I use headphones or not- which one works best- or should I try them both (eg. Daytime with headphones, evening without headphones)

What is the best posture when meditating?

What should I focus on when mediating- my breathing?

Answers only from experience or in depth knowledge please!

Also, does it matter that I can't use .flac audio format (I use MP3)
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Old February 15th, 2012, 12:18   #2 (permalink)
pollyanna (Offline)
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Originally Posted by Aye777 View Post
I am beginning LifeFlow 10, and I want to know to use it.

Should I use headphones or not- which one works best- or should I try them both (eg. Daytime with headphones, evening without headphones)

What is the best posture when meditating?

What should I focus on when mediating- my breathing?

Answers only from experience or in depth knowledge please!

Also, does it matter that I can't use .flac audio format (I use MP3)
Hi there and welcome to the community

Here are some of the instructions on how to use LifeFlow:-

How to use LifeFlow for either meditation or relaxation

Sit or lie down, get comfortable and make sure you are somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone and any other devices or equipment that might cause disruption. It’s preferable if the lighting is somewhat dim or even off.

Now, press play, close your eyes gently, take a comfortable deep breath in, pause just a moment, then let the breath out just slightly slower than normal and relax. Repeat the deep breathing two more times, then, if you already have an established technique for meditation, you may begin practicing it while the LifeFlow track plays quietly in the background.

If you don't have have a technique you can download the free "Discover Meditation" course from the top left of the community.
If you want to simply relax, just remain as you are, relaxing, breathing, relaxing and breathing while LifeFlow plays quietly in the background. Listening to entrainment while simply relaxing can enhance your experience of relaxation which, in turn, can enhance your sense of well-being, reduce stress, improve immune system function and have a host of other beneficial effects.

When to move onto the next deeper level

Once you become comfortable and familiar with LifeFlow 10 and begin to experience benefits in your daily life (Feeling calmer etc.) you will be ready to move onto the next lower frequency. We recommend you stay with each level for at least 30 days, though some prefer 60 days.

Each level of LifeFlow will guide you gently and naturally into an extremely beneficial brainwave state that builds a solid foundation for the next deeper level. Each step is equally interesting, equally unique and equally valuable.

The benefits of combining Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic tones.

LifeFlow™ incorporates Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic tones in a structure of 12 simultaneous layers in its entrainment matrix, creating the most effective method of entrainment and whole brain synchronization.

Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic each have unique benefits and combining them creates a wider variety of benefits for you.

Binaural beats are created by presenting two slightly different frequencies to each ear through stereo headphones. For example, when a frequency of 210 Hz is presented to one ear and a frequency of 220 Hz is presented to the other ear, a binaural beat of 10Hz is produced. The strongest attribute of binaural waves is their ability to create whole brain synchronization. All three wave types produce synchronization, but binaural does a better job than the other two tones. Binaural beats must be listened to with stereo headphones.

Monaural beats are produced when two tones combine digitally or naturally before the sounds reach the ears, as opposed to combining in the brain like binaural beats and create a far greater entrainment effect than binaurals. Monaurals do not require the use of headphones

Isochronic tones incorporate a single tone, which turns off and on in a specific and accurate pattern and is widely regarded as the most effective method of entrainment. Isochronics do not require headphones.

The benefits of both listening with and without headphones

Not having to always wear headphones is a real bonus for people who don't want to be tied down by a pair of headphones with a cord.

An additional benefit to using LifeFlow over open speakers is the fact that we "listen" with our entire body, not just our ears.

Those of us with normal hearing may not be as aware of the effect that sound vibrations in the air have on our bodies as a whole, because we focus our attention almost exclusively on those vibrations as they are received through the normal auditory mechanism, but if we tune that out we will often find that we continue to experience the sense of "sound" through our body as a whole.

Taking this a step further, entrainment waves restricted to a set of headphones, such as isolated binaural beats, will impact only our ordinary auditory senses.

Monaural and isochronics, played out in the open air, however, have the capacity to impact and influence the entire body.

You can listen to LifeFlow at whichever volume you personally prefer. If you prefer to have it playing very quietly while you meditate or relax, you still get all the benefits from the entrainment.

A Few Words About Brainwave Training

The scientists agree: brainwave training is one of the most powerful tools on Earth for dramatically accelerating your personal growth.
The human brain requires approximately 8 minutes initially to entrain to a frequency, and it only works if the frequency remains constant.

LifeFlow tracks start and end right at their targeted entrainment frequency and can be played for short or long sessions. You can use for short or longer meditation or relaxation sessions. You can play before business meetings, interviews or exams.

Here are a few examples from posts in the community of how different people benefit in this way:-
Parents play at bedtime to help children (and themselves) go to sleep within minutes
Pet owners play to calm their nervous dogs
Business manager uses it for “Power napping” between business meetings.

Every LifeFlow track has different natural soundscapes e.g. waves on the shore, distant thunderstorm, deep sea diving etc. They have all been specifically chosen and the distant thunderstorm in LifeFlow 7 is the exact frequency of the Schumman Resonance allowing you to protect yourself from harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution. Research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of "protecting" them from EMF pollution, allowing the cells to increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals.

LifeFlow™ has been specifically designed using extremely precise frequencies that will place you into enormously beneficial brainwave states which greatly enhance your happiness, well-being, learning abilities and much more…

Many people have MP3's/ipods etc. and LifeFlow® has been specifically designed to work just as well on both CD's and downloads.

You can meditate or relax a little time each day while you play LifeFlow quietly in the background, allowing yourself to enjoy the experience of peace and tranquillity. It initially takes approximately 8 minutes for the entrainment to reach its full effect. With regular practice you will become more and more proficient at entering these states which can then be reached more and more quickly within a few moments.

In the beginning, you may experience the peace and tranquillity for only seconds, or it may last for many minutes. Even just a few moments in this state carries with it tremendous benefits. As you progress, this feeling of peacefulness will follow you throughout your normal daily activities for longer and longer periods of time. Whatever the duration of time you remained in tranquillity, your mind and nervous system were afforded some much needed rest. Your body will have shut down its production of stress hormones, allowing those already present in your system to dissipate. Peace and calm will begin to assert themselves in your life. In short, you will reap the rewards on every level of your being, and these rewards will carry with you out into your daily life.

Look forward to hearing how you progress and wish you much peace and joy

P.S. You can also play Creative Flow and Optimal Learning while studying, working at your computer etc. and you can play these as long as you like for these type of activities. Here are a few examples:-

Optimal learning helps my grandchildren to focus when they are doing their homework and they have their favourite LifeFlow tracks playing to help them get to sleep quickly. I have played Creative Flow/Optimal Learning/Nirvana (mostly over speakers, but that is just personal choice) every day working at my computer for the last few years and it helps me immensely. Creative Flow/Nirvana are always playing quietly during family business meetings

Here's a link to how one member used them to help in her exams:-

I passed my exam with 100!

Another member is a proof reader and he now really enjoys what otherwise would be a very mundane job for him. You can click on the following link to see what he says:-

Optimal Learning

Here's what another member has to say:-

“I have two daughters, ages 8 and 6. I too play the LifeFlow series for them, but I play different tracks for them at different times depending on what they're doing at the time.

For example:
If they're doing homework or studying, I play one of the tracks from the Alpha range (LifeFlow 10, 9, or 8). To quote Michael, "LifeFlow 10, 9 and 8 are various levels of Alpha brain waves." "(Alpha waves) range in frequency from 8 to 12.9 Hz. We enter into a 'Super learning' state within the higher end of Alpha and we also produce calming neuro chemicals."

So from what I understand, these tracks help produce brainwave patterns that are conducive to learning, and relaxing (VERY helpful when they are agitated and don't want to do homework!)

If it's bed time, I play LifeFlow tracks 7, 6, 5, and 4. Again, to quote from this site, "LifeFlow 7, 6, 5 and 4 are various levels within the Theta brain waves." "Theta waves have a frequency range of 4 to 7.9 Hz. Theta waves are frequently accompanied by unexpected, dreamlike mental images. Quite often these images can be accompanied by vivid memories, predominantly childhood memories. Theta is associated with healing, enhanced creativity, sudden insight (eureka or ah-ha moments) when everything suddenly becomes clear."

I feel like they settle down more easily, are more open to healing conversations about their day and their lives, and are more receptive to creative thought that might help them reframe a difficult situation in their lives.

After they have fallen asleep, I switch to LifeFlow tracks 3, 2, & 1. "LifeFlow 3, 2 and 1 are various levels within Delta brain waves." "Delta waves are the slowest brain waves ranging in frequency from 0.1 to 3.9. Usually people are asleep during delta, however there is proof that it is possible to stay alert in this state—an extremely deep trance-like state. Also it is within delta that our brains are triggered to release great quantities of healing growth hormone."

LifeFlow is amazing! With the LifeFlow program you have the opportunity to use what you know about the mind to help your children grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Shine on,”
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