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Default My scary meditation story

My scary meditation story

Hello people, I just joined because I just had an insane experience and wanted to share it while it was fresh in my mind.

I lay on my bed with my favorite hypnosis audio (been listening to it everyday for a month or so) About two minutes in to it I was breathing deeply and smoothly, when I began to feel this uncomfortable energy that I've never felt before. It was mainly in my face to begin with (intense tingling all around my head, face and neck)

With every breath it got more and more intense, until I could barley stand it. But I kept at it and tried to brave it out. It just kept doubling in intensity with every further deep breath, spreading all around my body.

At this point the energy was so dense that I couldn't move properly, kind of like being in a bath of treacle, except that it was vibrating. I felt like I had the energy to run 10 marathons, but not in a pleasant way. The only way I can describe it is: you're given the energy that a superhero has but with a normal frail human body that couldn't possibly handle that amount of it, and it just incapacitates you. (nerdy analogy I know, but I am a nerd)

Around 10-15 minutes in I couldn't take it anymore; I could feel a serious panic attack coming on, so I quickly took the earphones out and dropped them- I struggled to sit up, and my hole body was vibrating like crazy. My lips were trembling like I was freezing but I was really hot. When I stood up my body felt ridged like a plank and I thought I would fall over- there was no way that I was walking anywhere, so I just lay on my stomach until it calmed down.

That was one of the scariest and most intense thing I've ever experienced. The only thing that comes close is when I had a bad reaction to some party pills a few years back, but that's another (incriminating) story that for legal reasons I can't tell you, haha.

Let me know if you guys have had anything similar happen...

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