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Old June 29th, 2011, 02:11   #1 (permalink)
RunBananaRun (Offline)
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Default Some questions to loa

Hello guys!

I am reading a lot of stuff and somehow some questions appeared and I just cannot understand how loa fits into all of that. It would be great if you could help me, getting a better understanding with all of that. Thanks in advance!

First of all, I understand meditation as getting a state of mind, charakterized by many things, such as not being attached to anything. In best case scenario there is just emptyness and pure joy.

Osho says forget your wishes, Jeff Foster tells everything u need is just here, there is just no thinker and so on. So once you get this mental state you just feel free and just enjoy everything around u in a very spontaneous way.

Buddha says that all sorrow comes from desires.
Doesnt this apply to subconscious levels and therefore to loa?

We have guys like Deepak Chopra any many others who teach loa.

I am reading the stuff of different guys and questions appear.
How does this all fit together?
I am reading the Silva mind control method right know and also some of Oshos books.

Somehow I cannot put this together. On the one hand my mind has to be empty and without desires and on the other hand I shall try to do the opposite of that.

Please help

Best regards

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Old June 29th, 2011, 02:53   #2 (permalink)
Boris Badenov (Offline)
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My opinion is that you have to be attached to some thing to exist in this universe. At a basic level you're attached to the consciousness of the entity that comprises our planetary consciousness.
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Old July 5th, 2011, 19:45   #3 (permalink)
era1213 (Offline)
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Default Michael Losier What I Learnt From the Teachings of Michael Losier

Hi there! I would like to share this article I read and I hope this could hep to enlighten you more.

Lesson #1: Your life right now tells the tale of what you’re attracting

This might seem obvious once you hear it, but have you really stopped to think about what that means. To put it bluntly, in one way or another, you attracted what’s in your life right now.

This is potentially disturbing or empowering, depending on how you look at it.

It’s potentially disturbing because it’s means that you’re responsible for all the bad things that are in your life right now.

However, if you look deeper, it also means you have the power to change any aspect of your life you choose to!

Now I realize this idea might be difficult to swallow. Why would anyone want to attract bad things into their life right? Well, most of the time it’s simply subconscious.

This is backed up by the myriad of data proving the link between the body-mind. Illnesses, often fatal ones, have been linked to trauma residing in the subconscious mind and have been miraculously cured once that trauma has been taken care of.

Lesson #2: Your words create

The words you use effect the way you feel. What you feel is what you get. That’s the basic premise of the Law of Attraction.

If you feel great about a particular subject, you get great things in that area of your life and visa versa.

So by altering the words you use and the way you talk about a certain aspect of your life, you can improve the way you feel about it and thus improve your “external” circumstances.

Another key aspect to mention is the way you talk to yourself. If you talk to yourself in a way that makes you feel good, you begin to feel good more of the time and you attract more goodness into your life. Again, that’s just a simple extension of the law of attraction.

Lesson #3: Use small successes to increase your belief in the Law of Attraction and manifest greater goals

One of the things that Michael Losier has always talked about is recording the successes you have with the law of attraction. Actually writing it down in your handwriting has this amazing effect of cementing it in your reality.

Recording these small successes creates a positive spiral in terms using the Law of Attraction to create our dream life.

You see, when we first hear about this Law of Attraction stuff we might be skeptical or we might choose to believe it. Either way, in order to really believe, at a deep level, we need to have positive experiences.

Acknowledging our successes, no matter how small, increases belief and allows us to attract even greater things.

That’s it for my summary. Take these 3 lessons from Michael Losier to heart, and apply them to improve your life.

You may also take time to visit this page : Video Reveals Step-By-Step Blueprint For Attracting Anything | Attracting Abundance HQ Free Video Finally Reveals The No. 1 Practical, Step-By-Step Blueprint For Attracting Anything You Want Into Your Life
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